Now trending: Modest Swimwear

Long sleeves, boy shorts and smaller midriff gaps..Has swimwear entered a new era?

By Yvette E

This year, swimwear has taken an unexpected turn towards modesty. The new suit combines the wetsuit with the bikini. It creates more comfortable feel and keeps sand where it should be; on the beach.

So, of course, we trolled the net for the best priced long sleeve tankini and we found these looks:

Top Left: Robin Piccone, Sailor striped bikini, $103; Bottom left: Athleta, North Point crop Rashguard, $79; Right: Billabong, Sweet Song Rashguard, $59.95.

As you can see, different retailers call them different names. Rashguard and long sleeve bikini seem to be most used. As always, save money by just investing in a new top rather than a whole new swimsuit.

Remeber social distancing rules apply at the beach.

Happy Summer!



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