New Year Fashion Resolutions to try

It’s finally the new year and we are back after a long break. Here are some new year fashion resolutions we trying out and hope you will as well.

By Yvette E

As those stimulus checks role in, I can not help to think..more Shein hauls. Don’t get me wrong, some people have few clothing choices especially if your plus size. However, vintage can be more forgiving on size since clothes were alot more size friendly.

So here are my fashion resolutions for 2021:

Shop Locally

Jersey city has alot of stores beyond the mall like other cities. I hope you all venture onto your city’s instagram and shop some stores they feature. We hope to pick some here as well.

Shop vintage

Things were just made better and cheaper in the 90s and naughts. It will be another decade before we relive the 20s. We hope to find some great shops to feature here as well.


We need to declutter before we buy which is why we are running out of space. It is time to Kandu our space so we can see what we buy!!

Give midprice a chance

Seems I see either Shein or Gucci on my youtube feed but there are a whole lot of designers in between. Afterpay and other payment splitting options are making it possible.

Micheal Kors, Anna Sui, Vivienne Westwood, Marc Jacobs, and more all have prices below $1000! We hope to feature more mid-price brands this year!

What are your new year fashion resolutions?

Happy New Year,



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