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If your like me I really don’t really pay attention to trends; I used to spend hours glancing through glossy magazines trying my best to copy very trend I saw and in the end I was a Faşhion nightmare lol..So as I have grown I now am so comfortable with my style ( Kawaii, Candy coated, pastel, unicorn, horror movie, goth punk doll) I don’t really need trends as much as I used too. I will try something every now and then but my best “trends” have come from ME! I have stumbled across some new styles by just not having anything to wear like with the trend I am about to introduce you too..Wearing mini dresses over maxi dresses!

I couldn’t find any of my beloved leggings one day when the weather went crazy and went from 95 degrees to 57!( this is Nyc people!!) and I wanted to wear this black flows mini dress..I got so frustrated I yanked it off and put on a black flowy maxi dress on and put the mini back on over it..bam! Not only was I super comfy but It looked cool too! This I realized can work with any two dresses as long they are in the same silhouette ( think flowing dresses and body con dresses together) It especially looks good if u pair a sleeveless mini over a long sleeved maxi and just think in Summer with all those annoying strappy maxis you can throw a mini dress over that is sleeveless so you don’t have to worry what bra to wear! Below I have styled some looks for you and let me know what u think!

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