I was very skeptical to try lipsticks created by a celebrity; but when Sephora released a mini lipstick gift set of 8 minis and 1 full size of the studded lipsticks by tattooist Kat Von D I decided to give them a try.

I was so surprised that not only were all the colors rich and highly pigmented; but they weren’t drying even though they are matte lipsticks. The colors go well with all skin tones and I love the hard shell studded cases that give the lipsticks an edgy, punk look. I feel like a  bad ass everytime I pull one out of my purse! The names ( Kat picks them all herself and says they are inspired by her real life) are fun and cheeky as well. I included pictures of all the ones I tried and love as well as a picture of me wearing the color Sexer ( which is a matte hot pink). All lipsticks are about $22 for a full size and the gift set I purchased was about $48 and also came with a white studded limited edition full size red orange sparkle matte color.


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