2017 has just started and what better way to start the year then to pick a style icon we can all look forward to seeing what she does in 2017!

Halsey is an indie singer with some pretty gutsy songs and a laid back cool style. Her album Badlands produced some really good girl power anthems and really bared her soul for the world to see. Her song Castle because the theme song for The Huntsman Winters War and she has collabed with Justin Bieber and The Chainsmokers. She appeals to a lot of girls with her feminist outlook and standing up for what she believes in. She has also become the voice of bi racial and mixed people.  Her style can be described as nineties girly, tomboy street style. She loves tshirts, oversized sweats and bralettes. But when she gets red carpet ready it’s nineties sexy pot pinup Tom boy. I adore how she mixes things up! Listen to New Americana, Hurricane and Colors.

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