Milk Opens NYC flagship

The sweet cookie and cake Cali co is finally on the East Coast.

By Yvette E


On the corner of 30th st and 6th Ave attached to Ace Hotel, Milk has built a sweet space that you would never see in SoHo.

The shop has cookies of the far end near the ace hotel entrance and joining forward leads you to a carousel of cakes.

A staircase in the center adds charm to the eatery area where a drink bar also resides.

There are few gluten free options with 1 cookie and 1 cake and possibly the one latte that I had where the milk was soaking in cornflakes.

As for wheelchair accessible, we had some issues with the lift but all in all we were able to get in (the shopgirl let my sister have a cookie while we waited).

The cookies are very sweet with about 3 to 5 spoons of sugar each one but the texture was very enjoyable.

It did bring a little west coast charm to the cold weather and for that we did enjoy it.

They also have a claw machine in the back but it is a quarter to play. So if you’re in midtown, stop by the shop with the neon Milk sign.

Happy Wednesday 💋


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