Microtrends are trends that come from the street and not the runway. We spotted men on bomber jackets and fell in love. See how to rock this trend IRL.

By Yvette E

Where does the bomber jacket come from?

The bomber jacket originates from military clothing which trickled down into subcultures such as punk and has recently made its way into high fashion.

The jacket was used as Military garb in the 1950s and made it into fashion in 1963. In recent years, the bomber jacket has been in and off the runway and currently is not.

So what’s with the renewed love for a jacket that isn’t trending?

Why now?

Even though the bomber jacket isn’t on trend, it does have roots in the punk subculture and rebellion seems to be the hot button topic in today’s world. From the marchs in New York against immigration reform to the yellow jacket demonstrations in France, rebellion is everywhere. Of course, the bomber jacket’s origin of WWII deviance also has linked it to standing up for what is right when talking about human rights.

As always, fashion has its roots in current events.

How to rock the look

Dressing it down

Pair it with sweat pants and layer a hoodie under it for extra warmth if you live in a cold weather climate. Add a fleece under the hoodie if temperatures fall below 18°F.

Dressing it up

Pair with wide leg pants and layer with full body fleece under garment. Pair with a sweater that accents the colors in the bomber jacket (match the trim color).

Happy Monday 💋

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