Micro Purse Trend:Tips And Tricks To Make Things Fit

The micro purse is here to stay all year so here’s how you can still get items in that teeny bag..

Living in Nyc has taught me to travel light as life there is hectic; so when I saw all these teeny bags come down the runway I knew it would be no problem for me to fit things in there..Here are some tips to help you get your essentials in your teeny bag!

  1. Get minis or sample sizes of everything you need! I have mini hand creams ( L’Occitane is my absolute fave!), teeny hand sanitizers ( my fave are a 3 pack of mini spray hand sanitizers from Cvs) and mini lipsticks (Sephora & Ulta have tons to choose from)
  2. Get a mini sized makeup case to organize everything so things don’t tumble out when you open your bag
  3. Carrying your phone in your hand because it’s def not fitting in that bag is kinda annoying so I say wear a crossbody universal cellphone case wallet so you can be hands free and still carry your cards! Look for ones with chain straps if you want it to look more chic.
  4. Only carry the keys you need so that it will fit in the bag..( sorry that cute keychain and janitor set of keys has stay home 🤣😟)
  5. Micro wallets are also great if you want to carry cash and change ( Victoria Secret has some great micro wallets)

The micro purse trend is a cute and fun new way to express yourself so you don’t have to feel like you are sacrificing the items you need on a daily basis if you follow these tips!

Till next time; you fashion goddess



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