Mens PFW struggles between info and imagery

PFW ended for men with mixed reviews, some designers over explained thier process where others focused too much on imagery and displayed no clothes.

By Yvette E

There were a few bright spots in Men’s PFW but most were lesser know brands. The first day showned promise but it quickly went down hill with short videos crammed with too much information or long imagery. The imagery was met to explain the concept of the brand but most of the time no clothes were presented.

Biggest disappoints

JW Anderson talks about his process while drawing clothes during PFW mens

Jw Andserson

A 35 second video featuring no clothes seemed more like a instastory or an ad then a fashion week show.

Half shaky video and half lookbook, this 1.23 minute video by Isabel Marent was a disappoint.

Isabel Marent

This was her first time showing at mens Paris fashion week and her choice of imagery over information would have worked if the video was constantly moving with still shoots and a split screen with text (very long and hard to read without pausing) throughout. It made it all seem like a novice youtuber feature.

Hermes just use thier BTS video for a commercial for the brand that seemed so last minute.


7 minutes of BTS shoots from what seemed a commercial was not really fashion week quality.

I could go on with the disappoints since there was so many so let’s just skip to the ones to watch before it comes down.

Best In Show

Issey Miyake

The tik tok like clothing changes, the street style dance moves and the bright colorful clothes made this video one of my favorites.

Kid Super, a NY brand, first time showing at Men’s PFW.

Kid Super

These first timers created a fashion week by using barbie and ken dolls as an audience. There clothes were also featured on dolls. The stop motion was very smooth and the vibe of the brand was felt.

Louis Vuitton used larger than life cartoons to display thier collection.

Louis Vuitton

Larger than life cartoons are drawen wearing LV looks showcasing the brands popularity and new fun and youthful spirit.

Best Infomercial

We can give a nod to Dior Hommes for combining inspiration and imagery in a 12 minute video worth watching.

Lowes’ Show in the box video featuring thier creative director was very informative and featured great clothes.

Balmain used a series of edits from past runways to tell the story of a now iconic brand.

Did get a chance to watch Mens PFW? What were your favorite shows?

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