Men guide to candles

Stress is a problem among men who are now father, husband and employee at the same time. Candles can be great stress busters but what fragrance?

By Yvette E

There has been recent talk about candles relieving stress but finding one that fits your personality or mood can be difficult.

So, we compiled a list of candle scents by mood to help you build that manly candle collection.

Left: Voluspa, $32.00; Right Top; Bath & Body Works, $24.50; Right Bottom: DW Home $12.00.


Bergamot and sandlewood are known to be uplifting and also are deep woodsy scents.

For lighter scents look for candles with rose notes and for more intense scents look for citrus notes.

Top Left: Molton Brown, Ylang Ylang, $50, Saks Fifth Ave; Bottom Left: Project 62, $10, Target; Right: Spitfire Girl No. 17, $36,


Ylang Ylang has been know to help relieve anger as an essential oil so the scent should have simular effects. Pair it with patchouli for an even better effect.

Left: P.F. Candle Co, Patchouli Sweetgrass, $20,; Top Right: C.O. Bigelow, Neroli, $36; Bottom Right: Colonial Candle, Mandarin Spice, $18.


Neroli, Orange, patchouli and lavender are all scents believed to relieve stress and anxiety.

Keep top notes (what you smell first) woodsy scents like pachouli and neroli.

Let us know if these scents work for you!

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