We are often told we are what we eat but no one says “we are what we wear”. First impression is really important especially when you want your sig other to be your future mate. Here are 5 trends not to wear for the best impression.

By Yvette E

Animal Print

Animal print is so hot right now but it can come off as being wild and untamed. Not good if you want to look like you are ready to commit.

Alternative: Stick to small prints especially florals which give off an innocent vibe.

Cold Shoulder

Showing skin above the knee makes you seem unconfident in other features you process including intelligence.

Alternative: Wear a cardigan or a shawl to accent the neck. A necklace with a simple bespoke pendant can make you appear sentimental.

3D Sparkle

Don’t make it all about you. Sparkle says center of attention and you don’t want people to think your self centered or selfish.

Alternative: Keep the sparkle in the accessory. A sparkle bag or shoe says you are into self care but it’s not your main focus.

Bright Plaid

As if…Too bright plaid makes you appear juvenile and unfocused.

Alternative: Stick to plaids with a neutral background like window pane or herringbone.

Bright tights

To pull this look off, you need to showcase your legs and you just don’t want to seem like a girl always on the go.

Alternative: Stick to neutral tights and keep the color in your ears with bright earrings.

Happy Turkey day!💋

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