With the closure of the last few stores in NYC’s once iconic punk scene, St James Place, some rejoiced for the cleanup (I was not one of them) but what about bigger chains feeling the crushing realty market.

When big chains like H&M, Joe Fresh and Modell feel the constant pressure of increasing rent, it is time to realize there is a problem. The solution, more hotels.

When will the people in Albany realize NYC is not just a tourist attraction, people work and to those who can afford it, live there.

The store closings effect the people who work there not just the neighborhood. Pearl River has been at its location for 10 years at $1 million a month then without warning, the landlord wants $3 million. The fact is NYC is on its way to being a capitalist and fascist playground.

Hey, liberal NYers, we let women go topless but we won’t stand up against the uncontrolled rent hikes. If these rents keep raising, where will we work and apparently more important what reason will tourists have to visit?

They are not all going to go to the Empire State Building and Wall Street.

If you are like me and tired of seeing rows of empty stores where the ones you used to love once exist, comment below. Maybe we could start a petition.

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