Today we highlight that one new piece you need to buy this spring.

By Yvette E

Courtesy of GQ

This spring, your underwear are your pants. That’s right, boxers are being used as shorts and appearing on the Italian runway. We are not talking those flimsy ones. So guys it’s time to invest (or buy for you guys always going camando) underwear.

Of course, we not asking you to wear the lacy number that Varsace showcased (too risky for real life) but a good boxer can go along way.

Here are 3 things to look for when buying that perfect boxer:

  • Quality materials – I am seeing alot of the satin variety and make sure the fabric is thick.
  • Prints – I also love the bold prints but if you want people not to look at youe underwear, stick to patterns commonly used in outerwear – plaids, stripes, etc.
  • Length and loose – Mid thigh is the perfect length because shorter boxers can be tight and we want some mystery.

So as always if you are thinking about this trend then possibly hit us up and let us know. We will be on the lookout.

Happy Man-day 💋

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