We see pictures of abandoned malls and yet a second mall of America is making its way to Secaucus and NY built 3 malls in just 5 years. So what’s the real story?

By Yvette E

Mall culture was said to have died with the rise of the internet and the retail apocalypse seems to be killing what’s left with anchor stores like Sears, Macy’s and Jcpenney’s closing but new malls are being built around 1 new idea: all inclusive entertainment.

The new malls have a mix of high end clothing, immersive installations and unique food that is said to be attracting the Millennials who are tired of the online culture and are buying into the “social media anxiety” idea.

There are pulling thier “Gen Z” kids with them. So malls aren’t disappearing but evolving.

The long awaited sequel to Mall of America (16 years in the making), American Dream, is near completion in Secaucus with 3 theme parks, ice skating ring, a large array of food and stores among other attractions. It is so big it has to open in 4 stages!

The Hudson Yard Mall that opened last year in NY has taken the artist approach with installations being the major draw. The Shed and an interactive staircase are both features that keep Instagram savvy people coming back.

Meanwhile, LES got its own Westfield Mall about 2 years ago which plans to be more tech focused with its alien spaceship look on the outside and its being attached to the subway and PATH was genius. (A Path grey card to receive 10% off at certain stores).

The experts haven’t really said if any of these new structures are the future of retail but we may at least know, online won’t be the only way to shop in the foreseeable future.

Happy Wednesday💋

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