Makeup and other trends for the boys

Makeup is the next thing to become gender neutral but we know subtle is the answer for wear when it comes to men.

By Yvette E

Okay, those male makeup bloggers look alot like girls when they put on a face full of makeup and places like Korea and Japan, guys are wearing foundation to look younger (and keep their jobs longer) but is there a middle ground? Can a guy wear makeup everyday without getting teased by his friends or significant other? We picked 3 simple styles to play with right now that won’t make you feel weird.

Tinted lip gloss

Add it to your brow area or to your lips, it is a subtle pop of color without looking overdone. Try colors that match your undertone and stay away from red hues.

Brown eyeliner

We love this color eyeliner because its not as stark as black and can add a subtle highlight even on brown skin. Play with the brown colors to find your comfort zone.

Hair goals

We love the hair clip at Dior and wanted to see a guy try it IRL. I know it’s a stretch but replacing the paper with a clean part and the clip with a bobby pin perhaps?

How would make this look work in real life? I would love heat from you or tag us on Instagram if you are wearing the look and we will feature you on our page!

Happy hump day!💋


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