Long Hair don’t care: Men style guide

With long hair being in style, it is the best time to forgo a haircut.

By Yvette E

The haircut by your love ones challenge went viral. Men everywhere were getting haircuts from thier significant others but the trend on the runway says otherwise.

Yep, instead of risking a bad haircut (sorry, sig others) you could of just let it grow. Now trending is feathered ends and a smooth crown.

We also have a full crown look as well so here are some tips to grow your locks during quaratine and sport these hairstyles.

Growing out your crown

First, trim your hair every 4 to 6 weeks but do not cut it.

The difference is 1/8 of an inch rather that the 1/2 of an inch a haircut dictates. Cut off split ends and even out tip only. No need to style.

Secondly, for curly hair, condition more and wash less. Replace at least one of your shampoos with a conditioner. Literally, wash your hair using conditioner only then let it airdry.

Lastly, skip all the product. Hair gel is now unnecessary since you are not really going out anywhere. Keep it natural.

Did you play with these styles? Let us know tag us @tfg to show us your quaratine hair.

Happy Monday!



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