Layer Weather: Staying warm with summer clothes

Cold weather really surprised is this year with fall becoming shorter there isn’t time to shop for winter clothes. Here are some tips on using what you have.

By Yvette E

Layering has been the secret of keeping warm for sometime but it’s more important now than ever. We outlined 4 outfits that can work in today’s 50 to 20 atmosphere.

Here are the do’s:

  • Wear thermals. It may be strange to wear them when it’s 50 degrees but the weather is no longer that staple.
  • Stay away from denim and tees. Cotton absorbs moisture so it will make you colder.
  • Cropped jackets are useless.

So now we laid the ground rules, here are the outfits.

Summer maxi dress layering

If you brought that summer maxi dress, you can use it as the base of layering! Add a thermal, a matching turtleneck, fleece leggings and ankle boots. Wear a long jacket open when it’s 50 and close it when it gets colder.

That blazer you wore

You bared that blazer with biker shorts for summer but now a wool skirt or trousers can work better. Pair with velvet for a more elegant look. A velvet dress or skirt and a sweater with sweater leggings.

Summer crochet item

This was a way to say warm at the beach but now it needs to do double duty. For more holy knits, go to Foever21 and get a knit dress that is form fitting. I have some of these because they are get for layering. Depending on the weather, pair with a non bulky sweater and depending on the length, boots that fall below the hemline.

Keep warm!

Happy Wednesday! ?


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