Kitschicide: How a woman led aesthetic became a man’s world

The year “California Gurls” became a hit was the year men knew how much Kitsch was worth and saught to dominate it.

By Yvette E

Katy Perry started a war without knowing it.

It started with a music video ladened with candy themes and a catchy beat, “California Gurls” by Katy Perry in the summer of 2010. In october, Betsey Johnson was bought by Steve Madden.

It was not a coincidence. Kitsch had made it into the limelight; transforming it from geek chic to mainstream. That year, Kitschicide began. The male dominated fashion industry realized that woman were on to something. They did not just want a piece but the whole pie.

Kitsch” is best described by Urban Dictionary as “pleasingly distasteful,” meaning these items (clothing, accessories, makeup, or even decor) are outlandish, eccentric, even garish at times, but we’re super into it.


This event was just a start of a long war to snap up kitsch from women owned business lasting for 7 years ending with Coach’s aquisition of Kate Spade in the summer of 2017.

Even now when woman start a Kitsch brand, it suddenly closes. Kitsch now is a mainstream fanfare leaving women designers who started it all (and thier possible forebearers) out in the cold.

In 2017, many websites began reporting Kitsch was now mainstream. Exactly, the same time when the last female owned designer fashion Kitsch brand became male owned. Consequently, Kate Spade commited suicide the same year.

Do not get me wrong. Fast Fashion caught on to kitsch way before big fashion. ASOS (as seen on screen) in 2000 and Modcloth (woman-owned in 2002) already say its potential. Modcloth was snapped up by walmart in 2017 and sold again in 2019. 2017, the year Kitsch began officially male dominated.

In 2017, Gucci’s pre-fall was all kitsch (High Snobiety) collection once again say Kitsch become male dominated.

Trail blazers like Vivienne Westwood, were just left behind. Can you name other kitsch brands owned by women?

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