Kerli’s style and Music

I love Kerli! Her fashion style is Lolita Goth. And its believed that Lady Gaga copied her style! She even said so herself. Her voice is very powerful and hauntingly beautiful at the same time. She loves tutus, sky high mary janes and mini top hats. I love the fact that she is so blond and pretty but her music is dark and edgy. The contrast is striking! Of, course her music is also a striking contrast of punk and rock. Download “Walking on air” and “Tea Party” to listen to her music on



  1. What happened to Kerli, she looks angelic but puts out Goth. Too bad Lady Gaga keeps copying her style.

  2. She calls her style bubble goth, that means:
    she makes beautiful things dark,
    and dark things beautiful.

    And I think she is Awesome! 😀

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