Into Vintage Betsey Johnson? Buyer beware!

Betsey Johnson has reproduce some icon looks in 2006! Here is how to spot the real from the reproduction!

By Yvette E

Few of us were able to be a Bestey Girl at the height of her career and even fewer were lucky enough to go to her estate sale (I went..and got some great shoes); so we now search resale sites to capture the nostalgia!

Women have turned to resale sites like depop and poshmark to find vintage Betsey Johnson but buyer beware.

But recently, the market has been flooded by replicas by Steve Madden himself as while as other tricksters creating fake jewelry.

Most resale sites like depop and Poshmark relay on the buyer’s knowledge to spot fakes and provide no guide on how to do it.

So we have included a simple guide below:

Top Left: 80’s labels, Betsey Johnson came out with a new label with every collection during this decade; Top Right: 90’s label; Bottom Left: Early 00’s and current Steve Madden label; Bottom right: Reproduced by Betsey Johnson of her punk label in 2006, it is not vintage.


In the 80’s, the most iconic collection of Betsey Johnson is the purple label of her face (see top left) which was also coined her punk collection. Recently, in 2006, Betsey Johnson recreated the punk label looks using a similar tag but in black and white with the word “vintage”. Of course, we love to own reproductions but unfortunately resellers are charging vintage prices for these reproductions!

Make sure to request a tag image if it is not included in the photo. Some resale sites like Depop make it hard to return items.

These tags are not fake but were used between 2005 and 2007 just before she sold to Steve Madden. Some fakes do have these tags but not all jewelry with this tag is fake.


Though Betsey Johnson had a few themes when it comes to jewelry for example, Sea themes, lockets with surprise elements inside, chain stretch bracelets, large pendant necklaces, mismatched earrings and moving pendants especially skeletons; she never made licensed characters (ex: minions, Mickey Mouse, hello kitty) but did do a Disney collaboration with ears and word necklaces.

If unsure after seeing the front of the tag, ask to see the back, there should be residue glue from the store sticker and all tags should have a bar code. If there isn’t any..most likely it is fake.

The little dangle logo is also a great indicator. The one on the left is fake with a bright gold hue and extra curves on the B plus logo slants slightly right.

So happy collecting!

Happy Friyay!!

TFG 💋😷


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