Costume meets fashion at a 10am show at Spring Studios.

By Yvette E

Even though the brand is named “I love Pretty” the collection had a more dark and sinister name, Desolution Nation where designer Yang Juan explores depression, bomedical dependency and the struggles of finding inner peace in a world full of anxiety. The topic is so right now but I am not sure if it was conveyed effectively.

The story was supposed to be told in 3 parts:

  • Break free: A release from depression
  • Soul Salvation – A journey to the unknown
  • Rebirth – hope and celebration

As for the esthetic of the clothes, it felt 90’s cool and despite Japanese elements was distinctly American influenced.

In the collection, Break Free is represented by strong suiting, tailored pieces and shirting.

We move to soul salvation with asymmetrical tops and raincoats.

Finally, we get to rebirth where we tulle and organza used liberally.

A nod to biochemical dependency is seen by the pill purses the models carry.

The music choices were a little sporadic (Eric La Peau?). I would love a more moanful piece at the beginning to a more light hearted on at the end to show the transitions between stages better.

Now the clothes were worth the early morning show. Before reading the synopsis, I thought it was a little disjointed but now I understand the concept.

First stage, all the suiting in pink hues and cream colors suggesting tailoring is a form of restriction. We loved the short and long sleeve combinations.

Second stage went a little BDSM with Rhinestone cages and leather bodysuits. I love the shirt with the words “Don’t look at me like that” and can see it in my closet.

The final stage was marked with light and airy fabrics that seem to float. I was my favorite 5 minutes of the show.

I think I would love the pill purses, that balloon sleeve shirt and even the rhinestone cage. Together the collection seems disjointed without the concept and the fact that the clothes were not presented in order but all in all Yang Juan’s debut was worth waking up early.

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Happy Wednesday 💋

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