Haute Couture Fashion Week

Haute Couture fashion week has us believing in fashion again. Here is where to catch the shows and the best ones to watch.

By Yvette E

Haute Couture fashion week kicked off this monday with much smaller calendar then last year. However, the quality of videos have greatly increased perhaps the fashion industry has finally caught up with technology.

Last year, artistic license and recorded fashion shows ran with amok but this year, we see themes and a greater mission focused video.

Christopher Dior, House of Tarot, shows the tarot card of Judgement.

We recommend watching Dior’s tarot fueled runway show. The most popular major arcana is paired with the most delicious couture dresses.

Iris Halpren’s use of light airy fabric with her signature structure style is a must see.

No need for fancy imagery when you clothes make a statement so Iris Halpren always does.

Scharapelli’s jewelry gives off a gothic couture vibe.

Next, we saw Scharapelli’s breast feeding breast plate including the baby. We loved the simple white background that makes the pieces pop.

See the entire calendar here.

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