Harlem Fashion Week

We outline designers from NY fashion week.

By Yvette E

Under the simple moniker ‘Harlem Fashion week”, Designers Yves Luc, Yvonne Wingfield, KoKo Mystique, Hiari Strong, House of Q Plus more, Each showed strong visions that truly asserted their rightful place in Harlem fashion Week, and on the runways of HFW Season #9. The official Fashion show for HFW was held outside of The Adam Clayton Powell building, where the models and designers,” designed a unique way to showcase the collections and by utilizing the safety guidelines of Covid19. From Friday till Sunday, 3 days were fulfilled with events that were generously underwritten by Harlem Fashion week.

September 3rd -The Kickoff component was the “The BLM Fashion Exhibition” with judges, Lydia T. Blanco, Gliteratie, Jelanie and Joyous Pierce. The Founders Yvonne Jewnell and Tandra Birkett were also present to Meet & Greet the Designers, the models and the supporters of Harlem Fashion week. This Exhibition took place inside the Kente Royal Gallery in Harlem right near the infamous 125th St. Whether it was featured in the linings of hoods or parts of the pants and jackets alike, the designers showcased extravagance that mounted on the models’ faces, heads and even in their mouths to lend an other-worldly, content to fit with the event and the theme of Harlem Fashion Week.

September 4th – The perception demonstration took place inside the Adam Clayton Powell State office building in the gallery. Where Fashion Industry professionals, models and glam creatives spoke and held an open discussion. HFW put together “The Business of Fashion Sympsuim” in order to engage with their audience and to grow their anticipation, workshops and designer showcases. Keynote speaker,Princess Jenkins, Hosted by Harlem Fashion week founders Tandra Birkett & Yvonee Jewnell,. The panel discussion drew cheers from the crowd as it undoubtedly will with the designers.

September 5th – Saving the best day as the last! The official Fashion show was held outside of the Adam Clayton Powell state office building. Whether it was sunny, rainy or both, the show continued as the designers found space and time to present their 2021 Fall collections. The Awards Ceremony started it all, with host Jonathan Bodrick and award presenter and fashion mogul Bevy smith. The ceremony Acknowledged several women who they believed were trendsetters and trendsetting”. The point got across as neighbors, store owners and shopping pedestrians stopped to watch and understood this was “A Celebration of black lives in Fashion. One of the special honorees Chivona Renee Newsome of BLM was well worth the awards as she continues to fight for social justice, equality and reminding folks that Black lives Matter! The Gucci Man himself caught wind of the show and Dapper Dan made a special appearance as he strolled the event to show his love and support. Inculpating all this wasn’t easy but it all made sense after it was put together for Harlem Fashion Week. 

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