Halloween costumes on a budget

Halloween is this weekend and if do not have a costume yet we have you covered.

By Yvette E

Women as the killer rather than the victim are themes for our Halloween this year. My sister is going as Jennifer’s Body and I have yet to pick out my fem fatale halloween costume.

There are about 20 movies which the lead killer is a woman and here are some we thought were easy to execute from your closet or a trip to the Thrift store.

Pamela Voorhees of Friday the 13th (1978)

Pamela Voorhees was the original killer in Friday the 13th.

Before Jason started killing (he appears in the third movie in the iconic hockey mask), his mom is the original killer. In fact, her death, (ki ki, ma, ma) inspires him to seek revenge.

A classic fisherman sweater, black turtleneck and black pants with a short curly wig will be all you need to transform into this 1978 classic slasher film murder.

Brenda Bates, Urban Legend (1998)

Hard to tell there is a woman in this getup that includes a puffer jacket and a ski mask but there is. Brenda Bates takes all urban legends to life in the late 90s film.

Costume elements include: Boyfriend jeans, a puffer jacket, a ski mask, hiking boots, gloves, and a play axe. Top can be anything you want.

Mary Shaw of Dead Silence (2007)

This killer look relays on your makeup skills.

Finally in the 2000s, this puppet as a killer weapon femme fatale is as easy as a long sleeve black dress and a granny wig.

Your makeup skills will need to be on point to pull this one off starting with a pale complexion, dark circles, some lip winkles, black lipstick and of course some skin exposures on the cheek and head.

Haley Stark of Hard Candy (2005)

Elliot Page makes his film debut in this little red riding hood searches for the big bad wolf. Some people would consider this revenge but we are highlighting female killers here.

A red hoodie, plaid skirt, red tights, a black tee and sandals make up this simple costume.

Halloween is this weekend!! Let’s party 😃



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