Hair accessories are back but a good hair cut is always in style. We highlight the best fall cuts on today’s blog.

By Yvette E

The best part about fall hair is that it focuses on short haircuts!


Parting your hair down the middle really isn’t adventurous which is why this is one of our favorite trends. Any hair length can achieve the look. Pair the center part with slick hair for a sporty vibe, barrettes for a glam look or a low bun for a classic look.


Rather wavy, bold, angular or flipped, this hairstyle is back and we love it. Angular (bottom right) layers your hair for a more choppy look while bold (left) focuses on a long side bang. For a vintage look flip up ends (top right).


Add some waves to your hair! Wet, crimped or finger waved, its up to you but by adding a wave to you locks would let you stand out in the crowd.

For shorter hair, stay away from crimp styles.


Low and loose or framing your hair, braids are in style this fall and despite it usually only fabulous on long hair, we think the crown look can be used on anyone. For short hair, create a crown braid by weaving hair from the top with hair from the side for a thicker braid.


Every year, some sort of fringe is in and this year, it’s the curtain fringe. These bangs come with long tresses on the side and are long enough to slightly curve.

All hair types can accomplish this look by simply pulling hair from top of head. Pair with a top knot (also on trend) for a more classic look or go school girl chic with a low braid or pony.

Happy Monday! 💋

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