Gotta Lotta Booties: Fall styles to buy now

It’s ankle boot season and we have the best booties to buy right now.

By Yvette E

It’s the start of boot season and we can’t help to watch them crawl up the leg every season from ankles in September to knee highs in December.

Today, we will highlight the bootie styles of the season and some of the best ones to snag right now.

Animal Print

Snake is having a moment right now when it comes to animal print. For men look for cowboy boot styles while women will see thick heeled Chelseas in the print.

Other prints of the season include leopard and cow (characterized by large black spots on white background).

Check Nordstrom rack and Off Saks for designer steals with prices as low as a regular prized Zara shoe.


While men have a choice of cowboy or combat, women get stacked heel styles when it comes to embroidery on booties. While women get the foral treatment, men get more abstract imagery.

This style can be found practically everywhere and you will find them in a range of prices but the style is costly bottom at $40+.


There pretty much no difference in shoe design for this print in men or woman so it comes down to colors. Men will get brown and grey hues while Women will have black or red to choose. We did find a metallic Sam Edelman we adored. bet.

This print is the ultimate unisex design and we love the classic design.

What shoes are you wanting for fall?

Happy Friyay! 💋


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