Okay so you are thinking what’s the difference between tribal and safari? And how can two similar trends be in style at the same time? Couple this with floral and the whole world seems to be traveling from the jungle to forest to field. Okay, maybe the longer then usual winter has us all seeking greener days. So the difference between tribal and safari is print. You won’t find any prints in safari which caters more towards neutral colors, hats, and a little more structure with shorter lengths (structure at waist for bottoms and at chest for shirts then flares out). So how do you get this look for your style? Read below and see how. Oh and Lucky I saw that tribal issue 😉


These designers take Safari Classic

There is not really a possibility that you do not have a pair of neutral colored shorts or pants in your closet. Try shorts or pants in light neutrals – white, tan, or khaki. Blue will take the look nautical and black will sink it all together. A v-neck t-shirt is great but a buttoned up see-through top is risky. Remember to keep bottoms light but you can go dark on top for a great contrast. Espadrilles or wood heeled shoes add the best to the look. Stay away from tribal accessories which could muddle the look.


Tribal for causal - add a jacket and you are safari

Get yourself a jacket. A safari jacket (khaki, alot of pockets and a defined waist or the one above) will pull you into this trend no matter what you wear. Try to find white jeans, utility pants or khakis and pair with a t-shirt of your choice and you are in the trend.


Give safari more glamour with bright tropical prints

Adding a tropical print shirt instantly gives tribal a whole new look such as Missoni and Gucci. Also, try to add gold accents which always adds glam. Try shirts in silk-like or silk materials for a more polished look.


Balmain showcases safari with a rock flair while punk should try bright colors

The picture made be so two seasons ago but the idea remains the same. Rockers should add deconstructed tops to the traditional khaki pants and pair with a leather jacket that you know you have in your closet. Balmain did it best in the picture above while Blumarine went punk with bright colors and Marc Jacobs with a flirty tulle skirt.


Add Romance to Safari

By adding a flowing skirt like in Oscar De la Renta and Proenza Schouler, the look adds a romantic feel. The top should always be a typical safari top – lost of pockets, neutral shade and cinched in the waist. It must cinch in the waist if you plan not to wear a structured bottom. For vintage, a safari dress like in rag and bone above with a straw hat brings it all together.

Pictures via stylebakery.com and catwalkqueen.tv

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