Five 2021 trends to buy now

Tis the season to shop for your loved ones but don’t forget yourself! We picked 5 things to get now and wear later.

By Yvette E

As fashion always looks ahead to the next year, so must we. This year, in particular, has been difficult for everyone. So has you begin to shop for loved ones, do not forget a little retail therapy for yourself. May I suggest a jump on next season’s looks?

So here are the five items to add to your closet now.

Left: Vivienne Westwood, runway; Top Right: The Bee & the Fox tee, $33; Bottom Right: Wren + Glory tee, $115.

Protesting Fashion

Protesting will continue to be a fashion statement next year. It started with the #runwaytothepolls campaign by the CFDA and continues to be on runways. Of course, fashion has had a long history of being evolved in the state of the world.

Floral Chaos

Flowers are always in fashion in the spring but this time look for less space among the print this time.

Transparent Accessories

If you bought into the transparent craze, you are in luck; it is back next spring. So either pick on these items at a steal or take it out of your resale pile.

Round Sunglasses

Harry Potter fans rejoice! Round frames are in style, next year.

Slippers has shoes

Finally, you can wear slippers outside! I love some slippers from Michael Kors and Frye with the hard bottoms to wear for quick errands! So look for those hard bottom shoes while you shop!

Happy Hump Day,



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