Father’s day gifts to buy now: Jewelry guide

Mother’s day was a shipping nightmare so get a 6 week jump of father’s day with these gifts.

By Yvette E

Father’s day arrives June 21 and since most processing times for online orders range from 5 to 10 days before the product ships. Then the order can take another 5 to 7 days to get to you, which could easily increase if more people order. In short, the earlier you start shopping for Dad, the most likely you will get it on time. That means this week and next week purchases should arrive between June 2nd to June 15th.

So what are the top gifts for dad? We picked these three top gifts and where to buy in this go to shopping guide.

Three jewelry trends that have popped up for women have sprung up for men as well, thick link chain necklaces, stacked rings and thin cuff bracelets.


Daphnelorna.com, $30.40, sterling silver or copper
$85, comes in brass, black and blue as well
Bulova, Macys.com, sale $130

Stacked Rings

Wearing a group of rings on your ring finger has come to be trend among male models. We love this simple way to recreate the look.3

Slate & Tell, one custom text included, $139, get 25% if you buy today!
Guess, set of 3 rings, $22
Nordstrom Rack, valued at $64, sterling forever, rose gold plated brass

Chain Necklace

Thick chain necklaces have become a very unisex style this season so many place will sell them. Because this item is the most popular on our list, we recommend curbside pickup as an option.

Kendra Scott, $65, 18″, available in 5 colors
Craftd London, 54cm/21″, $99

Shop around for the best deals especially since Memorial day is this monday coming up.

Happy Monday,



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