It’s cold outside so let’s warm up a little with some men spring 2019 trends. What’s up with neon and the pieces you can get now!

By Yvette E

Step back in the 80’s this spring with neon colored suits, pants, jackets and more all seen on the Milan runway this past February fashion week!

We combed through the internet for 3 outfits that you can buy now to get ahead of your friends.


Champion hoodie, American Apparel sweatpants, nike sneakers

This outfit clocks in under $200 and is available right now at the company’s website. The nike sneakers are available at footaction. If you feel this outfit is too bright, pick one of the separate pieces and then pair with white items.


Next up is a skinny fit suit from at 89.99 and comes in neon green and salmon. As always, breakup the separates until you get comfortable wearing them together and get a size up if you have broad shoulders or just not into skinny fit.


Some people think a preference for joggers is casual but really wearing jeans and joggers are 2 different things. So if you are into jeans and tees (Asos, $29), try just adding neon tees to dark jeans to bring out the color and pair with a neon sneaker.

Note: It is NOT ok to mix and match neon colors so keep the palette in the same hue and it may be best to pick a color and just commit. Neon orange is the easiest to wear but neon yellow and green are the easiest to buy.

To warmer days and Happy Monday! 💋

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