Fashion week hair guide

It is the first day of fashion week and we picked up 3 hairstyles sure to turn heads.

By Yvette E

We picked these styles right off the runway since they can be created with any texture.


Hair pins are having a moment and we love this decora look. We advice to pick a word clip that hold meaning to you. Focus on symbols and rhinestone bobby pins. An updo is the best way to showcase this look.


Bleaching your roots can be a chore. We can actually get a similar look with colored hair spray and hair gel.

  • BTZ Color Bomb, pink flamingo,, $5.79
  • Got 2B styling gel
  • Hair spray

First part hair on right about 1 inch above ear, then add gel. Brush hair smooth with gel. After hair gel is dried, spray color around part. Let dry between layers and finish with hair spray for added shine.


The bouffant has made a come back! The trick is to part the hair in the middle and tease from roots to tip. Use bobby pins in your hair color to conceal them.

Take first half of hair, fold in half and secure with bobby pins. Use hair spray to hold bouffant as you pull rest into a ponytail.

If you are lucky to be invited to fashion week, let us know if you tired on of these looks. Did you get photographed?

Happy Mundane (Monday),



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