We covered bags,and shoes but the hardest accessory to pin down right now is jewelry.

By Yvette E

Charming Charlie and Harry Bendel are both gone, victims of the retail apocalypse leaving us all wondering, “Where will we get this season’s most trendy jewelry?” Zara has opted to focus on season hair trends as well as Forever 21 while H&M is still deciding its place in the Accessories void.

We hear the consumers want semi precious gemstones in precious metals but some of this year’s jewelry trends don’t seem to fit into this concept.

The Necklace

The Pendant necklace is back but not with large symbolic centerpieces but tassels in chain. The winner for finding a cost effective season trend went to Kohl’s (left) and J. crew (right).

The Earrings: Super long

Statement earrings are back after years of simple stud styles possibly because makeup trends are more pared down then previous years. There are many styles to this trend but as always we will have to search for it.

For high end styles we went to Off Saks but for everyday wear we choose Bauble Bar.

The edit is that hands and fingers will go bare this fall as we prepare for wearing gloves.

If you do find these styles in mass markets, drop us a email and as always tag us wearing this trend and you could be featured on our Instagram.

Happy Hump Day 💋

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