Ethical Shopping

Would you buy from a company that steal from small artist?

By Yvette E

There is a fine line between inspired and stolen in the fashion industry. All too often, we see the lines blur especially when the larger companies are picking on the little guys.

Take Topshop which alledgely bought Japanese designer clothes to take apart and resale in stores; earning them the nickname “Chop Shop”.

Or when Zara would alledgely sit front row at designer shows and take pictures to submit to thier manufacturers and appear in thier store (altered enough not to be sued) in as soon as 3 days!

Fast fashion has not only become wasteful but now it is also unethical.

I even saw a co-worker in a sweater so similar to Marni’s current collection, I asked her where she got it…her reply H&M on sale.

We seem okay with this “Robin Hood” behavior. It is okay to steal from the rich and sell to the poor. Recently, however, smaller, under the radar brands are also feeling how Intellecual Property theft affects thier bottom line.

DollsKill is now famous for going to tradeshows to steal designs from ethnic designers. I would say alledgely but this time there is proof.

Ester Sunshine, now a project runway alum, had her graphics stolen by dollskill when they used it on a shirt. The social community fought for her to be compensated and she was.

Dirty Celebrity, a company owed by Jamaican twins, have had multiple designs stolen including this cardigan recently.

However, when a ethnic company complains, they are usually bullied into silence or ignored.

It would not be the first time that this has happened since high fashion brands clothing inspirations came from 90s hip hop scene.

Morally, it is no longer just about saving the enviroment but also supporting small business that can not afford to have anything stolen.

We need to shop better.

Happy Monday,

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