Election day outfit ideas

The polls may be the only time you go out this week so you should dress up. Here are some outfit ideas.

By Yvette E

The election day outfit was once seen as passe but with the #runwaytothepolls reel posts by the CFDA, we can say wearing the best to the polls are back in vogue.

So, we decided to do our own runway look ideas.

These looks are a DONT!

Don’t wear flag colors

You may feel wearing red, white and blue would be the go to color for a poll outfit but it is actually quite cliche.

If you feel you must wear an flag like item stick in the accessories category (bag, belt, or scarf).

Do this instead..

Wear a slogan

It is more important to express why you are voting now more than ever and most of us have these at home.

There are so many vote tees and sweatshirts out there but if your crafty, you can make your own.

Get iron on letters from micheals or try this tutorial at home.

If you did not run to dover street market to get designer and celebrity sweatshirt vote merch (we understand..$225 is steep); this is your next best option.

Runway it

Put on your best look and reel a walk to the polls. It is a think right now. I enjoy a good #.

Whatever you decide to wear, just show up and vote. I already have.

Happy Monday,

TFG ??☑


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