After attending the Nexxus & Vogue event last week, we noticed that there were alot of (women only) beauty events over the past and coming weeks. Hence, this week is beauty week on our blog. Since this day has become man crush mondays, we decided to dedicate our first blog this week to our male readers. Yep, you guys are our man crushes (even the ones looking forward to Warcraft the movie).



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We went back to the 70’s for clothing trends but we are going back to the 50’s for hair. Yep the pompadore, the side part and bangs (aka fringe) are all now part of the hair club for men.

For classic and casual try the side part while hipsters should try the fringe look.

Pompadores are very risky for every day unless you have a high profile profession.

We also saw the return of the curl….


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We had to do our research on this one, so we turned to for some unique “hunger games” colors that men have seen sporting. Classically, the runway has seen a lot of brunettes but according to Pouted, gray is the new brunette. What do you think would you go gray before your time?

Other trends included green, red, golden blonde and bronde. We even saw blue and pastel purple but even I think that it’s just fishing.


That 4 o’clock shadow is back in style.
A little rigid and oh so appealing..

Anything you have seen lately that you think we missed? Drop us a comment below.

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