Curve 2021: Elila

Bras built for curves, Elila has a bra for everyone, up to size K!

By Yvette E

Curve finally lives up to its name with more plus size friendly brands

We sat down with Elila to discuss the pitfalls of the DDD+ bra market and thier solution to the problem: a bra that promises not to flip forward and use the weight of your breast to increase support.

The bra called the Jacquard, uses interlocking strap technology the brand developed to stop bras from flipping forward; a problem my co-blogger has always had with her DDD bras.

The bra is priced at just $49 with the brand topping off at $69 and the site is offering 15% off right now –

Plus it come in 8 colors include 2 nudes, black, red, 2 purples, blue and white.

Check out the video about how the bra works here.


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