We are obsessed with the first drug store makeup brand to curve out a spot in the most iconic place in the world but was the risk worth it?By Yvette E(all images courtesy of Google Maps)Covergirl has made a name for itself with celebrity embassadors like Zendaya and ground breaking decisions like naming the first male ambassador, James Charles in 2016. Since then, Covergirl has been on the radar as the go to drugstore makeup brand for last minute needs.The brand obviously wanted more. The flagship store is the first step into the mainstream makeup market dominated by European brands and Sephora. The risk is large but here are some thing that brand is doing right at its flagship store on the corner of 48th street on 7th ave.


Me at the selfie station

A rotating experience on the second floor allows for a selfie station and a video booth. Yeah, its me having someone else take a pic.The video station takes 3 short videos and combines them into a .gif sharable image.Finally you can try on shades digitally with a try on station that askes you to choose from a list of product and the takes a selfie of you. The makeup appears as a light wash over the image.


Finally, you can design either a makeup case or a lipstick at a station on the second floor. The design is sent to the register where you can edit the color (or at least we did) and purchase the lipstick or case. The item is printed downstairs.So with all the interactive sets and the fact its open to 11pm, the store may just make it and you know what they say..If you can make it here..Happy Hump day & 2019!Yvette E

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