Chinos meet cargos Shorts: mens fashion

Its #mancrushmonday at TFG and we explore short trends for one hot summer.

By Yvette E

Left: Raf Simons; Center: Dior; Right: Jacquemus.

Changes in Fit and Fabric

Shorts are getting a major makeover for guys. New looks include lightweight fabrics, colorful prints and less pockets. The length has remained the same in past seasons hitting at the knee.

Last year, we saw a rise in tight shorts as wearing your boxers as shorts and biking shorts were trending. This summer is more about roomy styles.

Where to buy

Best men shorts to buy
Top left: 3.1 Phillip Lim, Saks, $105; Bottom left: Jetlag, off Saks, $39; Right: Helmut Lang, off saks, $129

We had a tough time finding roomy styles with sheer fabrics at the mid price level. If you want to save money but still look great, we suggest athliesure and sports brands like Adidas, and Puma (try downtown collection).

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