Another store goes out of business and other things plaguing fashionistas.

By Yvette E

Charming Charlie

All stores are set to close August 21 as the store failed to see that fast fashion has dampen customers want for cheap accessories. Brands offering cheap gemstone and vermeil added to the demise with some items starting at just $30.00.

Department Stores

Nordstrom will start closing some stores to rising rent which as already cost Topshop 55 stores. Nordstrom is set to close 4 stores this year. Macy’s and Target are also set to close 4 stores this year as well as Kohl’s which will close 8.

Lord & Taylor is partnering with Walmart’s online store in hopes to attract new customers.

Wal-mart plans to close 20 stores this year.

J.C. Penney’s will close 27 stores this year and continues to fight for survival among changing consumer habits.

Victoria Secret

L Brand already closed Henri Bendel and now plans to close over 50 stores of the brand it is trying to save.

Not having a more versatile product line is to blame.

Pier1 Imports

Costly furniture is no longer an option with the likes of Wayfair and other places using flex pay and offering lower prices. The brand will close 145 stores this year.


I really don’t have the time to run and shop but this brand down sizing its larger stored meaning the the 5th ave location may be on the chopping block. It’s set to close up to 40 stores in low performing areas and reopening smaller cost friendly locations.

So is a store closing by you? Let us know so we can inform our readers.

Happy Monday 💋

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