Back in October, most people already reported on Spring but who has the time to roll through the bookmarks, 6 months later to see what they said? We got you covered with our fashion reports at the speed of life which happens to be alot slower than fashion.

So what 10 things accessories you should try this Spring?


We are looking at three earring trends this Spring: 

1. The Single Statement Earring

The trend is to wear 1 large bold earring which is a through back from Fall 2014 as a microtrend that just did not gain traction. 

2. The Ear Clip

A bobby pin on your ear? YSL contributed to this trend and others quickly followed.

3. Fringe Earrings

Still going strong from fall 2016, thus trend is ending towards Spring.


4. Collars

Still here and thicker than ever. New versions spot chain and crystal motifs.

5. Large Pendants

Chains, cord and String hold large pendants for Spring 2017.


6. Beaded Headbands

The new headbands sport 3d features.

7. Hairclips

The style is wearing more than one but not to the ends of Decora…


8. Statement sunglasses 

We love oversized and flat specs that have been popping up all over the runway!!


9. Stacking Bangles

Thick or thin  just more than two.


Holding your crossbody? Yep, it’s a style to let the straps dangle.

Fast forward and we can say that fall will feature these trends and yeah, we know not fear to skip summer and spring in one swoop but we promise next month we will get back to warm weather reporting.

The decades

50’s hoop dresses, 70’s bell bottoms and 60’s tulip dress? We are taking the best from these decades and bringing them into the future.


The color of the season is indeed red and it was on every runway. Typically, a hard color to sell and wear we will see how this pans out for the fashion industry.

Red has been in style for sometime from the blood red of last fall to the current tomato red of Spring to come. This time red will come back in the colors wine.

Psychedelic Prints

Fr left: Alice & Olivia, Moschino, Ulla Johnson, Warm, Marc Jacobs

70’s prints are back and we love all the mix of colors fr Alice & Olivia to Warm showcasing bright big prints on the runway.

Happy Monday,

Yvette ?

My little pony makes a splash at this designers installation slightly before NYFW officially kicks.

She made the right decision as NYFW ended up opening during blizzard. The installation had cold finger foods and a gift bag featuring sponsors of the show.

The clothes themselves were themed to My Little Pony, an obsessively detailed cartoon meant to teach kids a set of virtues.

The Ups.. 

Sequin, sequin and more sequin was a feature of the show in dazzling colors from bright pinks to pastel blues. A hard sale in the normcore US culture but welcomed in fashion nevertheless.

Secondly, the prints that were inspired by My Little Pony were equally interesting. They ranged from Indian Patchwork and rainbows to a more generic lightening in turquoise. I loved pastel camouflage and the turquoise checkerboard that didn’t really fit into the theme but somehow worked.

Lastly, the collection was seasonless, pieces seemed to span summer to fall with little focus on spring or winter. We loved that some pieces could be layered for later.

The downs…

The men side of the collection seemed not to fit with the women side at all. I did like the pastel stripes and the use of bright hues rarely seen in men fashion but not My Little Pony at all.

Secondly, the collection heavily relayed on prints and sequin and there was few design elements beside  ruffle sleeves on dress put all the way in the back.

Lastly, if you are going to make jewelry, please put some effort into it, and if you have no time commission it. I heard that her friend  (who happens to be a jewelry designer) created the set for her. Why not commission the pieces from her?

The results is a Claire’s knockoff of glitter velvet ribbon and laser cut plexiglass charms in hard to tell the shape designs, stars, ponies, moons, rainbows and various Lucky Charms cereal shapes. She was better off just sticking to the printed velvet necklaces.

Apparently, the designer worked with several celebrities such as Katy Perry but no celebrity support here. I would like to see more from here in the future.

Happy Friyay,

Yvette E  ?

The show started late, half the invitations were wiped from the database and she double booked. The last show on Wednesday night was pure pandemonium and the clothes channeled it. The designer was sponsored by the CAAFD, a fashion non-profit that sends designers to fashion week so I knew the designer would be raw. The collection had numerous influences but no true unique message.

The 50’s

It feels like every designer an era this season to fill in thier collection and Vitjaz was no exception. The era did blend well with her gowns ( which no model she picked was able to walk in) but was a steep contrast to her sheer dresses which already were out of place.

The cuts were nice enough for everyday wear so that was a plus.

 The default technique to all designers, draping was widely used. The use of colors did carry the day in these looks

Sequins and Lace

The sequin infused lace was a welcome change of pace.Too sheer for everday wear, I could see these looks on the red carpet.

In the end, the show was okay if only she ditched the trends  (decades) and the draping and stuck with the metallic lace, the collection would be great. She just needs to get a signature style. And sheers for fall were a nice touch ( a little confusing cuz the season changed mid show).

I have been asked several times “it’s NYFW?” from passerbys curious about our colorful outfits. Even, a coworker said it was “usually quiet” for NYFW. So what’s to blame that fashion week started with a blizzard and ended in a dying gasp. Tomorrow is the end of fashion week and if you have no shows today or wondering why invites have dwindled, thank NYFW Men that runs just a week before NYFW (women) which means a lot of designers are co-eding thier shows. Here are 3 reasons that it may be more quiet this February NYFW:


Harper's Bazaar credit

Bottega Veneta’s Co-ed runway show

Most designers can not afford 2 shows back to back and most stores cater to both sexes to increase sales; so why put on 2 shows for the same stores and the same press? The introduction of Men’s fashion week has made the female focused one a little obsolete. 

Besides, the expense, there is also the time. PR agencies have to scramble for invites at the last minute, defaulting to the people that RSVPed for Men fashion week. That converts to less invites for bloggers and other online journalist.


Unlike September, no one is marketing because sales are really good at the start of the year and it’s tax season. So, that means no shopping events, and no product launches to wake up a snowy and cold NYFW.


Tommy Hilfiger invaded Venice Beach for s/s 17

Tommy Hilfiger went to California to showcase his Spring and Summer 2017 collection, recreating the unsuccessful Tommy Pier. No surprise since California gives 60% of Americas GNP. Yep, they have so much money, they fund other states. 

Besides, it makes sense to show a warm weather collection in a warm weather environment. 

So I hope September has more to offer…

Happy Hump day

Yvette E  ?

Desigual F/W 2017

It is humbling for a Spanish brand to gain inspiration from the West coast, but since Tommy Hilfiger held his fall show there; it may just be new inspiration and destination of the fashion elite. In fact, Desigual fall line captured West Coast cool in 3 distinct eras (60, 70, 50) and added Spanish New Wave, a punk culture that began in Spain in the 70’s.

Desigual runway f/w I 7

The collection was composed of embroidery, spikes, studs, plaids and patchwork; components that don’t always go together seamlessly but somehow click together like puzzle pieces in Desigual’s fall collection.

Desigual f/w 17

However, the handbags are up for sale and we loved the denium crossbodies with the floral embroidery. Desigual is known for their embroidery and this time they picked floral motifs; a nod to a couple years ago when designers picked floral prints in Winter. It wasn’t received well but  I think Desigual will fair better.

After looking at the calendar, we have come to 3 conclusions and want to share our expectations with you. If you are a fellow blogger and have your misgivings let us know and comment below.


We are seeing the shows spread out over many sites and some are hitting Brooklyn. Last year’s Moynihan station hub is not on the list leaving the downtown the sole location. We are also seeing shows at MILK studios.


We are seeing a lot more foreign designers from across the world with designers hailing from Africa and Asia at the top of the list. We are also seeing East Coast designers for the first time in New York which is odd since they are showing fall 2017. Maybe the change towards showing current fashion has convinced them to show in NY.


Because of men fashion week, invitations to shows are sent out a week before most shows so look for invites to be even later with so many TBA locations still on the calendar.

Any bloggers out there with more insight? Comment below. 

We all want the big name show invites but in the past the most interesting shows were always from the first timers on the runway. We saw Taoray Wang’s first runway show in which she gave postcards of all the looks inside a cute pink clutch to all attendees. 

We went offsite and saw the best designers that Australia had to offer and even scored some new perspective on old designs.

This time around we do covet the usual suspect invites (call me Anna Sui) but we would love an invite from these 1st timers:


These designs are all about contrast and even though the creator of this collection isn’t on the radar, we want to see more.


The Liberian designer launched his collection at just 15 years old and there are no pictures of his previous collections so the suspense alone is worth checking it out at Clarkson on Thursday.

This year, most of the designers are new with long back stories that will make you realize how hard it is to be a designer. If you don’t go to the shows at least read the inspiring stories of hard work and tenacity of the new guard of designers.
Happy Monday!

Yvette ?

We love that earrings have become the go to accessory for every outfit from the mundane to red carpet. Now, some unusual silhouettes, concepts and materials have upped the ante on your earring collection. We picked 3 trends you could use in everyday life because earrings attached to a necklace would get you some strange looks at the water cooler.

Single statement 

This trend is so easy to do that you could just take one of those large earrings from your jewelry box, add it to your right ear and go out the door.

As you can see, the style varies across designers but the concept remained the same.


This simply means mixing pairs of earrings that complement each other.  Isabel Marent (left) has a punk theme going with a safety pin and rhinestone pearl combination while Dior (middle) opted for just two different button styles. Mix and match and play with your earring collection to produce a unique combination.

Future…Spring 2017 – large drop earrings

Forget chandeliers because they are totally out and look for hoops and long earring styles at all your favorite retailers.

Happy Wednesday,

Yvette ?

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The theme for January is renewal so let’s see our best editorials and videos.

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