On friday, Jo Malone launched a new fragrance line that allows you to custom build your own scent.

Just in time for the holidays, Sephora will be carrying 4 of 21 scents available.

The concept is simple but ingenious, as each fragrance does not come in a bottle but a long tube with a paint brush applicator. It then goes on as a gel instead of a mist. Hence, the name fragrance paintbrushes.

At the launch, Jo Malone was there herself to show how to use the paintbrushes stating it required some drying time between layers. However, with 24 varieties including combinations like orange bergamot, the different scent you can make are endless.

This would be the perfect gift for the perfume lovers in your life for the holidays.

Happy shopping,?


It is finally time to think about that winter wardrobe. It seems the cold weather arrived the same time as the leaves fell from the trees and the fall and winter have somehow melted together. But don’t despair, the opulence of winter is upon us now!!

The best thing we are obsessed with right now are sweaters. These sweaters are not just for keeping you warm but also looks like a wardrobe staple you may wear in the early Spring months.

Here are the sweater trends we can stockpiling now:


These drama sleeves takes a sweater from everyday wear to special occassions. These doulble duty looks is worth having in tour closet.


Say it with your sweater as graphic looks have transcended tees and now can be seen on these pieces for winter. Check sales in the next two weeks to see discount prices on these items.


Check out prints like cheetah, stripes and florals on sweaters that take them from day to night. Textures and mixed fibers are all on the rage and on sale right now. Check out H&M and Zara right now for sales.

Happy Fri-yay

Yvette ?

Hats seem to be having a moment from the trademark beanie of every hipster to the wide brim hats of brooklyn bloggers, we seem them more as an addition to our identity, a homage to where we are going. So no surprise that the “it” hat as surfaced. Yep, each season has a hat we all covet (men and women) beyond the basball cap. This season, enter the beret. We saw it in both men and women fashion shows (and some unisex ones) and were thrilled about its resurgence.

Okay, for women, we saw them arrive about 2 years ago but recently men have started to spot them.

Getty image

So how do men make this hat look less feminine? Don’t wear it to the side which is how women commonly wear them. For men, a beret should be worn front to back, away from the forehead and resting on the neck.

Another excuse to rad your significant other’s closet.

Happy Monday?


A vacation staple thrown into the back of your closet no longer describes this once kitschy souvenir of long gone beach days. The trick is that it has come into the foreground not as a shirt but as a jacket.

Stella McCartney, Mui Mui and other designers have turned the tropical print into studded and even crystallized versions of its former self and we are loving it! Plus the look is unisex!

The best part is that low prices markets like Forever21 have already picked up the trend. The jacket above is 24.99 at forever21.

Happy Hump Day

Yvette ?

It is men Monday on our blog and the rain here is making think of ways to look your best even when the weather is the worst. So here are three necessities to keep your swag even in wet weather.

A water proof trench

Belted or not, a trench coat that keeps water at bay is instantly chic. Plus it doubles as a got on those cool spring and fall days.

Modern Galoshes

We love these water shoes but high boots are no longer in style. Slip on these shoe-like hybrids for a more polished look.

Lastly, an umbrella with cool details always is in style.

Stay Dry,

Yvette ?

We are changing mondays to male fashion and this is a trend we are seeing both sexes embrace. 

We love the sleeve treatment but mostly the focus is full front or back graphics.

To add this trend to your fall wardrobe combine with 2 trends that are hot right now:

1. The collar cardigan

2. A graphic Jacket 

Skinny jeans are still in style but break up the look with torn or bleached looks.

Happy Monday

Yvette ?

After NY, became the last city to give men their own fashion week, we did not aspect unisex runways during NYFW, a time to display women fashion. We knew it was inevitable, the cost of putting on 2 shows must be expensive especially for budding designers. So here are the best men looks we saw at women’s NYFW:


yep, the project runway alumni put on his own show at Style fashion week and we will cover the street fashion shows next week. We love the studs, the vampire lips and the cleverly placed face of dexter himself.

See more pics on our instagram, tfgnyc.


Wayard prince meets pajama party at Malan Breton for men. The color scheme was full of neutrals but the embellishments from white pipping to the cool button and zipper details (like jacket above) gave the collection the same glam as his women’s without seeming opera-like.

Okay, this was nothing like her more modern contemporary “adult” brands and we were invited to her younger brand as the email put it, we expected her love of minialism to be front and center. We were wrong, we got a hip hip filled display of dancing models changing right before us, an illustrator drawing the designs and clothes that looked nothing like she would design. I was keen on women but the guys looked cool.

I hope to get this out of my camera soon.

Happy Hump Day

Yvette ?

I went to 20 shows this fashion week mostly because of group shows and I can not believe how most designers resorted to gimmicks in an too obvious attempt to move the Millenial shopper to the checkout line, here are 3 things I hoped never to see but…?


We saw this trend all over boring bags last year, bought by Millenials in droves and now you can find these micro patches on clothes particulary at David Tupaz’s show. Strange…doesn’t he do ballgowns? Tracy Reese was another designer adding patches. The horror and it is not even halloween yet!!


Why? We were horrified at the debut of Taoray Taoray, Taoray Wang’s younger line that had none of her classic minimal style but seemed a combination of Versace meets The hood. 

Then a certain Project Runway Alumini surprised by totally changing his aesthetic  (complete 180) and wasn’t even prepared!


We know Millenials hate sparkle and abhors sequin but still love those quirky festival looks. So enter cheap lame and carnival looks at….dear I say it..David Tupaz again.

And it gets worst..

We will chronicle the bit falls of fashion week all week long next month so come back often!!

Happy Hump Day 

Y ?

We finally ditch the no-make up, makeup trends with bright and bold accents that have all of us layering on colors and metallics. Here are the three makeup trends, we are dying to try this fall!

The idea is to use bold metallics, bronze, gold and silver to a smoky eye of your choice. Of course, we saw lower key looks at Nicholas K, LES COPAINS, and Laura Biagiotti but the look also got the artist treatment at Chirstian Siriano. Play with the look and find what is your comfort zone.

We love bold lips!! This fall the darker the better!! And for an added bonus, it is so universal, skin tone wise!!!


We are in love with playing with our nails!! So we love the look here which is just do whatever crazy thing you want!!!

As always, if you try these look, #tfgfall and you could be featured on our instagram page!!

Happy Hump Day ?

The Spring 2018 shows are around the corner but we have fall shopping to do. So this week we are blogging about fall trends easy on the wallet. 

School girl goes straight from Spring to Fall with overalls paired with turtlenecks. There are so many variations, every style can pull it off!! Here are some tips:

1. School girl does not mean Jr. or High school, add varsity detail for a college school girl look. This look is best for causal dress styles.
2. If  you love goth, a black dress with a peter pan collar can be school girl with an addition of long socks, mary janes and a peacoat.

3. Overalls can be used for a more chic school girl look. 

4. Play with separates!! Collared button diwns with a flare skirt can be cute and school girl if paires right!!