With the deep purple called Ultra Violet ( known for mystery) being the color of the year, this 2018 will be the year of color.

Yellow is the new black of the season with both men and women rocking the color and that is just for winter!!

Spring sees fruit-like colors from cherry to lime and everything in between. Some of the hues even give an hint of summer colors to come.

We are seeing orange hues for summer like Persimmon and Coral and of course, millenial pink is still on trend.

I hope you add some color to your wardrobe this year because this will be the best year to do it.

Me, my favorite color is purple,

Happy 2018,

Yvette ??

If you are still shopping for the holidays, it may be time to kick procrastination in 2018.

Some stores, like Kohls, are open 24 hrs while other stores are hailing buy online and pick up in store as the Holy Grail for late gifters.

So chances are those stocking stuffers have gone ignored. Here are some last stocking stuffer ideas:


  • L’occitane is offering a 6 dollar promo tin with any purchase. Great for a last minute stocking stuffer.
  • Charmin Charlie gifts free items with purchase on the weekends.
  • Old Navy has 5 dollar gifts while H&M is over 70% off select styles.
  • Other stores are doing additional 50% off like Express while Rainbow and Charlotte Russe are doing mass sales with alot of items under $20.

Happy Holidays,


Are you thinking about giving gift cards to those not so well known love ones or co-workers this year? You may want to reach for a visa card instead.

Early in 2017, many stores closed in January after weak holiday sales. Why? On January 10 of every year, retailers have to pay vendors and landlords. Hence, many file for bankruptcy before that date. This means any outstanding gift cards are now void. Yep, you just gave an unusable gift plus wasted money.

With 5,000 stores closing this year, opt for a preloaded Visa card instead or put cash in a card.

Happy Shopping,

Yvette ?

Yep, we finally maxed out our “get it before Christmas” shipping at most places and now it is time to brave those lines at countless stores. The bonus is we can now gift items that will last all winter long by shopping these trends now gifting them. Ah, the gift of fashion.

Plaid is having a moment

Not the punk variety but the one common to men suiting has creeped into Women wear. Think smaller lines and more neutral colors then the plaid we usually see.

Yellow is the new black

Yellow was seen for both men and women this season and hence a sure bet for both sexes on your shopping list.

Happy Holidays

Yvette ?

On friday, Jo Malone launched a new fragrance line that allows you to custom build your own scent.

Just in time for the holidays, Sephora will be carrying 4 of 21 scents available.

The concept is simple but ingenious, as each fragrance does not come in a bottle but a long tube with a paint brush applicator. It then goes on as a gel instead of a mist. Hence, the name fragrance paintbrushes.

At the launch, Jo Malone was there herself to show how to use the paintbrushes stating it required some drying time between layers. However, with 24 varieties including combinations like orange bergamot, the different scent you can make are endless.

This would be the perfect gift for the perfume lovers in your life for the holidays.

Happy shopping,?


It is finally time to think about that winter wardrobe. It seems the cold weather arrived the same time as the leaves fell from the trees and the fall and winter have somehow melted together. But don’t despair, the opulence of winter is upon us now!!

The best thing we are obsessed with right now are sweaters. These sweaters are not just for keeping you warm but also looks like a wardrobe staple you may wear in the early Spring months.

Here are the sweater trends we can stockpiling now:


These drama sleeves takes a sweater from everyday wear to special occassions. These doulble duty looks is worth having in tour closet.


Say it with your sweater as graphic looks have transcended tees and now can be seen on these pieces for winter. Check sales in the next two weeks to see discount prices on these items.


Check out prints like cheetah, stripes and florals on sweaters that take them from day to night. Textures and mixed fibers are all on the rage and on sale right now. Check out H&M and Zara right now for sales.

Happy Fri-yay

Yvette ?

Hats seem to be having a moment from the trademark beanie of every hipster to the wide brim hats of brooklyn bloggers, we seem them more as an addition to our identity, a homage to where we are going. So no surprise that the “it” hat as surfaced. Yep, each season has a hat we all covet (men and women) beyond the basball cap. This season, enter the beret. We saw it in both men and women fashion shows (and some unisex ones) and were thrilled about its resurgence.

Okay, for women, we saw them arrive about 2 years ago but recently men have started to spot them.

Getty image

So how do men make this hat look less feminine? Don’t wear it to the side which is how women commonly wear them. For men, a beret should be worn front to back, away from the forehead and resting on the neck.

Another excuse to rad your significant other’s closet.

Happy Monday?


A vacation staple thrown into the back of your closet no longer describes this once kitschy souvenir of long gone beach days. The trick is that it has come into the foreground not as a shirt but as a jacket.

Stella McCartney, Mui Mui and other designers have turned the tropical print into studded and even crystallized versions of its former self and we are loving it! Plus the look is unisex!

The best part is that low prices markets like Forever21 have already picked up the trend. The jacket above is 24.99 at forever21.

Happy Hump Day

Yvette ?

It is men Monday on our blog and the rain here is making think of ways to look your best even when the weather is the worst. So here are three necessities to keep your swag even in wet weather.

A water proof trench

Belted or not, a trench coat that keeps water at bay is instantly chic. Plus it doubles as a got on those cool spring and fall days.

Modern Galoshes

We love these water shoes but high boots are no longer in style. Slip on these shoe-like hybrids for a more polished look.

Lastly, an umbrella with cool details always is in style.

Stay Dry,

Yvette ?

We are changing mondays to male fashion and this is a trend we are seeing both sexes embrace. 

We love the sleeve treatment but mostly the focus is full front or back graphics.

To add this trend to your fall wardrobe combine with 2 trends that are hot right now:

1. The collar cardigan

2. A graphic Jacket 

Skinny jeans are still in style but break up the look with torn or bleached looks.

Happy Monday

Yvette ?