In the land of faux fur where designers have promised to retire real fur products; one man deared to bring real fur to the runway with his debut NYFW show. Romeo Hunte fused ski resort wear with traditional sportswear with a show so unique, they was a line to get in.

An bigger shocker was the real fur that graced the runway which was also unisex with men and women in similar legging-ish pants and enormous fur coats (not jackets, coats).


The colored plaid was a unique touch with unconventional hues from green to orange. Plaid jackets got a remix with large sleeves and zipper accents.


Purple leather Jackets!! I am in love with the yellow fur jacket as well in rabbit. We also saw subtle fur trim on leather for a double wow factor.


The men wore the same pleather (or maybe leather?) slim fits as the women and were also draped in fur! Most of the plaid looks for women can also go for men!!

Happy Monday

Yvette 💋

Every fashion week we look through several prediction sights and try to gleam the newest most innovative trend in fashion this fall. Of course, trends like active themed sportswear (driven by Fenty, Adidas,etc) and typical embroidered fabrics and patches will remain, but what do designers have up thier sleeves for something new?


Sleeves have been a way to update garments especially with the ruffle trend in sweaters last fall. This fall look for wide and long sleeves on cropped sweaters for a cool juxtaposition.


Holographic hues get a redo with darker colors rather than the greens and reds usually associates with it.


Pleats are back but with thicker fabrics and wider folds. Look for woven material for an extra luxe look and altered lengths.


This is largely a guess because dresses are a signature garment for most designers. So ruffles around the waist of a dress with a long silhouette may or may not be a thing…we shall see next week!


It is men Monday so we have some trends for you as well, the oil slick pattern is unisex and seen on both men and women. Another pattern for the guys – Burberry plaid.

Here are some more possible trends:

  • Quilting…jackets, pants
  • Baggy pants…move over skinny jeans
  • Floral prints for fall?
  • Wide brimmed hats

It seems everytime we are unsure of our furture, we look to the stars. Fashion follows suite with astrological themes no longer just jewelry fair.

Zodiac Trend Spring 2011

This Spring look for galaxy and zodiac prints as well as constellations on dresses, pants and skirts. Have we seen it before? Of course, the trend came in 2011 and 2016 both periods of uncertainty.

Zodiac trend Fall 2016

This time around we see easy silouettes unlike the velvet and embriodery looks of 2016 (Fall) or the super sheer of 2011 (Spring) We are seeing effortless long dresses and sensible prints easy to add as a permanent staple.

So check your zodiac sign and wear it on your sleeve this spring.

Happy Hump Day

Yvette Estime

Move over Millenial Pink, we have a new generation to focus on! So what is behind the generational color scheme?

Remeber, like Millenial Pink, Gen Z Yellow does not refer to a specific color but the preference the generation has for color in general. In turn, yellow represents energy, joy, intellect and presents a warm feeling. It also is associated with food which may be the reason this generation thinks of themselves as foodies and the rise of food themed clothing in fashion

We expect this color to continue to dominate fashion again this fashion week as we saw unisex looks of the color in the past.

At least it seems the next 2 generations are more hopeful then Gen X Beige which means dependable, conservative and flexible (the exact opposite of a generation formerly called “lost” and “slackers”).

Happy Monday,

Yvette ?

Okay, guys, we know there are certain things that make you look cool that you will just not give up just because the weather dips but here we list 5 things to ditch this winter so can stay warm.


Okay, the biggest myth in winter is that leather (or its plastic look a like) will keep you warm. This is a big false. Hell, my leather rabbit fur trimmed gloves are adorable but do nothing for my fingers.


These cotton based articles will not keep you warm simply because cotton actually absorbs water (reason why jeans are so hard to dry) and hence remain cold longer then wool or polyester pants. Sorry, no skinny jeans.


Time to wear underwear if you are not use to wearing it. Your lower extremities will thank you. Try polyester boxers for extra warmth.


We love how clean they look but they will not keep your feet warm. Switch these up for crew socks in wool or polyester blends.


Once it snows, time to put the sneakers in the back of the closet! I was amazed how many people wore sneakers during the great blizzard of 2018. It is right up there with women wearing stiletto booties. Cherish your life, no points for dieing for fashion.

With the deep purple called Ultra Violet ( known for mystery) being the color of the year, this 2018 will be the year of color.

Yellow is the new black of the season with both men and women rocking the color and that is just for winter!!

Spring sees fruit-like colors from cherry to lime and everything in between. Some of the hues even give an hint of summer colors to come.

We are seeing orange hues for summer like Persimmon and Coral and of course, millenial pink is still on trend.

I hope you add some color to your wardrobe this year because this will be the best year to do it.

Me, my favorite color is purple,

Happy 2018,

Yvette ??

If you are still shopping for the holidays, it may be time to kick procrastination in 2018.

Some stores, like Kohls, are open 24 hrs while other stores are hailing buy online and pick up in store as the Holy Grail for late gifters.

So chances are those stocking stuffers have gone ignored. Here are some last stocking stuffer ideas:


  • L’occitane is offering a 6 dollar promo tin with any purchase. Great for a last minute stocking stuffer.
  • Charmin Charlie gifts free items with purchase on the weekends.
  • Old Navy has 5 dollar gifts while H&M is over 70% off select styles.
  • Other stores are doing additional 50% off like Express while Rainbow and Charlotte Russe are doing mass sales with alot of items under $20.

Happy Holidays,


Are you thinking about giving gift cards to those not so well known love ones or co-workers this year? You may want to reach for a visa card instead.

Early in 2017, many stores closed in January after weak holiday sales. Why? On January 10 of every year, retailers have to pay vendors and landlords. Hence, many file for bankruptcy before that date. This means any outstanding gift cards are now void. Yep, you just gave an unusable gift plus wasted money.

With 5,000 stores closing this year, opt for a preloaded Visa card instead or put cash in a card.

Happy Shopping,

Yvette ?

Yep, we finally maxed out our “get it before Christmas” shipping at most places and now it is time to brave those lines at countless stores. The bonus is we can now gift items that will last all winter long by shopping these trends now gifting them. Ah, the gift of fashion.

Plaid is having a moment

Not the punk variety but the one common to men suiting has creeped into Women wear. Think smaller lines and more neutral colors then the plaid we usually see.

Yellow is the new black

Yellow was seen for both men and women this season and hence a sure bet for both sexes on your shopping list.

Happy Holidays

Yvette ?