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We are continuing our vday edition with more hearts you can wear all year with shoes. Shoes are my fave place to wear hearts as designs are always so unique, whimsical and such statement pieces! When hearts are out onto shoes there is always more concern and thought put into design and details as there isn’t much space to work on. Some of my fave shoes I own are designs from Valentine’s Day releases. Here are our picks..

The muted purple is gone and in its place is a vibrant orange! Here are 3 tips to rock the color in the new year.

By Yvette E

Next spring, orange will be every where! Here are three tips to wear the color:


Wear a dress and pair with muted accessories in light browns.


Pick a shirt, pants or skirt on the color and pair with a dark color so the orange pops. Keep accessories matching. If you are wearing beige shoes, wear a beige handbag.


Just accessorize with an orange bag or shoes.

For men we have the same concept but for a lower level, add separates that contain a hint of orange or wear socks with ankle pants.

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Drop the sequin and be yourself! We unlock 3 outfits you can wear to work and to the holiday party afterwards, all without sacrificing your personal style and under $100!

By Yvette E

Every work chirstmas party is usually just you in your work clothes counting drinks as you try not to make a fool of yourself. A recent study says that people dress different for work then in their general lives are less satisfied at work.

So here are 3 outfits you can rock at work and still stand out at the office party!

For the supercasual

(outfit: Charlotte Russe Pants. $39.95, Blazer H&M, 49.99)

If sweatpants and jeans are your life or you only feel like yourself on Casual Friday, this is the outfit for you. A statement tee, sweater or sweatshirt (depending on weather) with sequin pants and a long blazer looks relaxed but festive. Snag the top from your closet!

For the Alternative

(Dress, Dollskill.com, 54.40)

Plaid has made a roaring comeback and in over 20 different patterns! We choose this dress for it’s cinched waist making it perfect to add the studded belt and leather jacket you already have in your closet!

For the romantics

(pastel sweater: storenvy.com, $38)

We love lace but it is not weather friendly so you can wear it past winter but by adding a pastel sweater over your lace dress and adding shimmering tights, you can take it from summer to winter without missing a beat!

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A microtrend is a trend that few designers embrace or is contained to a region. Today we are exploring how the men fire jacket became a microtrend that hit the runway.

By Yvette E

courtesy of french Vogue

The singular reflective stripe that helps firemen see each other in a 4 alarm blaze was seen on the runways of Calvin Klein, Junya Wannabe and Burberry.

Here is why:

  1. There has been a rise in fires including the one burning through California right now. There is a trend for fashion to address issues in our lifes such as how the #metoo moment increased feministic graphic tees. At least this time, it’s tasteful.
  2. Hero Worship: The fact that superheroes are now everywhere, it seems humanity has a love for selflessness. Firefighters are real life heros so why not pay homage to them.

Rocking this trend

1. Wear it with loose fitting pants. Baggy jeans will work but nothing skinny.

2. Try bright sneakers to make the jacket pop. If you can’t, just avoid black shoes or sneakers if wearing black pants.

3. Wear a hoodie like a top and be double warm. If you feel uneasy about wearing a hoodie alone, pair with an Henley.

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The motorcycle jacket has become a wardrobe staple but how to incorporate it into your personal style has still been a mystery. Till now..

by Yvette E


The moto jacket has been synonymous with alternative cultures in the US and its recent entry into fashion. It started in 1928 when Irving Schott added a zipper (a novelty at the time) to a leather jacket and sold it in partnership through Harley Davidson. The company, Schott Bros NYC still exits today and has seen a resurgence of sales.

In any rate, the moto jacket started out and is still a rebel accessory so how does one add it to their wardrobe seamlessly? Your choice of fabric is key. This is a unisex post and alternative fashion will be excluded.


Who loves sweatpants more than you and wearing tracksuits? Take the moto jacket style and pick a denim moto jacket. It will be easy to pair with jeans and still have that edgy feel.


You perfer pants to jeans and will not be caught in sweatpants but also you don’t have a rebel bone in your body, so why wear a moto jacket? There still is a bad ass element to not following the crowd and here is the solution. Look for the style in knits and softer fabrics.

Another option for men is a Military jacket that comes in different fabrics. I have yet to find a soft fabric moto jacket for men.


Whether sequin is your first love or you look like your in a boardroom even on the weekends, a moto can add a relax look.

For men, look for quilted, fringe or zipper details to give your jacket a glam feel. (men’s jacket in pic from Eastbay)

For women, embroidery and sequin accents make the jacket luxe. (jacket from Loveculture).

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Heads up my lovely readers!

Killstar a brand known for alternative streetwear is doing an extra 20% off site wide including clearance! Hurry there is only 12 hours left and by shopping in the clearance section I was able to score 3 sweaters, a sweatshirt and a bag for my fall and winter needs for $101! 

Quick tip for plus size or tall girls, you can shop in the men’s section as everything is a bit oversized and longer length and they are unisex. I have included a snapshot of what I got below!

Just like clothes spaning so many trends this fall so have shoes but not all should make it into your closet. We pick a shoe for every style for comfort and out of the box.

By Yvette E


For you the loafer trend has staying power and that is true this fall as well. Locally, the female loafer still fills current but we suggest mixing it up with a tapestry print this fall.


Ugly dad sneakers will be your got to trend this fall but add some lux to your jeans and tees with this Western themed boots. Go for a black variety for a subtle look.


Mary Janes are back but don’t you always wear them. Even with the new stacked heel and mutiple strap varieties this fall, you should try something new. Try technicolor hued shoes with turn of the century features like curved heels and buckles.


Rather you are punk, goth or rocker, those hiking boots that are so hot right now are probably already in your closet. To try something new, switch to the new mary janes that are on the runway right now.

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This is 2 of a 5 part series exploring fall trends you can add to your closet without changing your personal style. Today, we explore dresses.

By Yvette E

The first day of October means we officially start pulling out our fall wardrobes and pack away that binkini (at least here in the North). It’s also the time we think about updating it!

But with fall trends being so numerous and decade spanning, it can be hard to choose which trend to embrace and what to leave by the wayside. Luckily, we did all that work for you! Without further ado, we gathered the best dresses anyone can rock this fall.

The V-neck

This versatile dress comes in so many materials that it can make it into any closet and fit right in. Velvet looks are great for alternative dresses while sweater materials are great for casual looks and sheer looks for romance. Rayon looks can go classic as well.

The Jumper Dress

At first glance, this dress gives off a youthful casual vibe, it versatility lies in its many uses. First, you can choose your material from pleather to cotton then layer it according to your style. A sheer shirt makes it romance while a sweatshirt makes it casual. A blazer can make it classic. It’s a great layering piece. Pay attention to the silhouette of the skirt when buying one: pencil, full or triangular.

Off the shoulder

Another great dress to layer, but calling for less bulky undergarments. Pair with a sweater vest to keep the one sleeve looks. The print for this dress is the key to its versatility. Solid colors for casual and classic, plaid prints for alternatives and floral for romance. Switch it up with pastel colors and asymmetrical patterns.

The Baby doll

The string straps make it neccessary to layer this dress and its versatility lies in its texture from glittery looks to over the top layered sheers. Anything goes.

Ruching returns

This curve hugging dress is great for full figured women.

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FIT answers this question with a forum that speaks about the troubles Caribbean designers have getting stores and how there are still no manufacturing options.

The biggest problem is misconceptions about the area, culture and people. The word for the region could be the biggest problem since it may be causing a synonym effect, i.e. similar cultures and beliefs. The Caribbean in fact is made up of several islands which all have different languages and cultures.

Secondly, the assumption of island life being carefree and subjective to Carnival holidays. This concept makes people think of Caribbean designers as costume makers and not actually designers.

Finally, the region itself is segmented and each island hard to travel to and from. This fact makes a singular fashion difficult.

Check out our YouTube channel for the video content and…

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