Two free custom stations, a change to taste over 40 new recently launched flavors and a load of merch starting at .99 cents are just a few reasons to check out this limited time pop up. Last day is today.

Three Types of custom stations including free embroidery, pay per patch and hand painting created a unique and personal touch.

Selfie stations to share the experience and social media.

Plenty of merchandise ranging from .99 cents (pens, lip balm) to $149.99 (duffel bags).

And if you can not make it to New York, check the website for select merchandise that can be shipped to you,

43 Crosby Street ny, NY closing at 8pm.

Happy Monday,

Yvette ๐Ÿ’‹

When we think satin, it usually brings to mind ballgowns or bombshells ( like Marilyn Monroe). This Spring channel your own inner bombshell with satin looks from the top designers.

Try these 3 satin looks that we adore right now:

The babydoll

Yep, the dress launched by songstress, Courtney Love, is back with lace detail! Pair with fishnet stockings to vamp it up or add a button down shirt with printed stockings for a babydoll innocent look! (romance, punk, goth)

the pant suit

A more classic way to wear satin, this look can seem pajamas-like if you are not careful. Leave the jacket open and add a cami for a relaxed look or a corset to vamp it up while still looking bedroom chic. (glam)

The Maxi

Try the sleeveless version of this dress and it becomes more versatile.

Happy Hump day,


NicoPanada is doing a capsule collection of its sportswear clothes and we are in love. Prices start at $89 dollars and the dress below is just $119!

The capsule collection only features only 14 pieces which are mostly dresses but the feminine sporty vibe reminiscent of Fenty and Lazy Oaf (a brand known for Sad Girl sayings on basic silhouettes with tulle detail).

The prices of this brand however is the most friendly! Nicopanda was launched in 2015 by fashion idol Nicola Formichetti. The collection is only available in select Macy’s and there are rumours the launch included a makeup line.

The collection launched April 15th and we can not wait to shop!

Happy Monday,

Yvette ๐Ÿ’‹

Let’s end this week with 2 unisex sample sales that we will be adding pictures to Social media as we shop today (Check us out on instagram @tfgnyc).


As Kenneth Cole prepares to leave America forever, this will be the last time to get your hands on a piece of his collection and with father’s day right around the corner, the best time to pick up some gifts on time for once.

The Deets

611 W 50th Street, NY, NY

10am to 7pm, 4/12-4/21

Versace Sample Sale

260 sample sale hosts yet another high-end brand that usually goes to Soffin Haskin. This sale will be at the smaller greene street location but offers house wares as well as scarfs, jewelry and small leather goods.

The Deets

150 greene Street

10am-8pm, 4/12 to 4/17

Happy Friyay!


We wrapped up our trip to Japan just in time for more snow in the Northern US (hopefully the last one).

We covered what to wear between season but what do you wear to a season unlike any of the past?

No wonder that crop sweaters have come down every spring runway!! Here are some tips when April showers turn into April snow storms that kill May flowers:

Get some sexy rain boots

Rain boots can double has snow boots especially when the snow is mostly slush or a few inches. Also, it will not be as cold as winter (even at 39 degrees). Shop outlet retailers like Nordstrom Rack to find great pairs for over 50% off!!

Get a rain trench with style

Trench coats never go out of style!! You may be tempted to just wear your waterproof winter coat but hey, it’s spring..ish. Remember to get one with a hood so you can ditch the umbrella.

Waterproof handbag

Chic nylon bags are better than coated canvas and leather like bags when it comes to standing up to rainy weather!

Happy Friyay!!


New clip on earrings are light weight and charming.

For some reason, piercing your ears are not in style as it were in the 1990’s (although, they keep saying the decade is rolling back in).

Old clip on earrings are going away..

These earrings slide on the earlobe and are light weight. The are similar to ear hangers that focus on the skin between the face and ear.

Happy hump day!!

Yvette ๐Ÿ’‹

In the land of faux fur where designers have promised to retire real fur products; one man deared to bring real fur to the runway with his debut NYFW show. Romeo Hunte fused ski resort wear with traditional sportswear with a show so unique, they was a line to get in.

An bigger shocker was the real fur that graced the runway which was also unisex with men and women in similar legging-ish pants and enormous fur coats (not jackets, coats).


The colored plaid was a unique touch with unconventional hues from green to orange. Plaid jackets got a remix with large sleeves and zipper accents.


Purple leather Jackets!! I am in love with the yellow fur jacket as well in rabbit. We also saw subtle fur trim on leather for a double wow factor.


The men wore the same pleather (or maybe leather?) slim fits as the women and were also draped in fur! Most of the plaid looks for women can also go for men!!

Happy Monday

Yvette ๐Ÿ’‹

Every fashion week we look through several prediction sights and try to gleam the newest most innovative trend in fashion this fall. Of course, trends like active themed sportswear (driven by Fenty, Adidas,etc) and typical embroidered fabrics and patches will remain, but what do designers have up thier sleeves for something new?


Sleeves have been a way to update garments especially with the ruffle trend in sweaters last fall. This fall look for wide and long sleeves on cropped sweaters for a cool juxtaposition.


Holographic hues get a redo with darker colors rather than the greens and reds usually associates with it.


Pleats are back but with thicker fabrics and wider folds. Look for woven material for an extra luxe look and altered lengths.


This is largely a guess because dresses are a signature garment for most designers. So ruffles around the waist of a dress with a long silhouette may or may not be a thing…we shall see next week!


It is men Monday so we have some trends for you as well, the oil slick pattern is unisex and seen on both men and women. Another pattern for the guys – Burberry plaid.

Here are some more possible trends:

  • Quilting…jackets, pants
  • Baggy pants…move over skinny jeans
  • Floral prints for fall?
  • Wide brimmed hats

It seems everytime we are unsure of our furture, we look to the stars. Fashion follows suite with astrological themes no longer just jewelry fair.

Zodiac Trend Spring 2011

This Spring look for galaxy and zodiac prints as well as constellations on dresses, pants and skirts. Have we seen it before? Of course, the trend came in 2011 and 2016 both periods of uncertainty.

Zodiac trend Fall 2016

This time around we see easy silouettes unlike the velvet and embriodery looks of 2016 (Fall) or the super sheer of 2011 (Spring) We are seeing effortless long dresses and sensible prints easy to add as a permanent staple.

So check your zodiac sign and wear it on your sleeve this spring.

Happy Hump Day

Yvette Estime