We have been promising giveaways to our readers for a while now so we figured no time like the present! We are giving away two large 6 oz cans of Arrojo Firm Hold hairspray that is sold in salons and leaves all your hairstyles in place without the stickiness; hair is left with a glossy shine. The hairspray also protects hair against humidity! Perfect for the upcoming Spings and Summer seasons!
To win simply post a pic in the comments of your best hair sprayed style or send it to us via email thefashiongoddessblog@gmail.com and on Monday we will announce the winners! Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram @thefashiongoddessnyc and good luck!!

Arrojo Firm Hold

With the closure of the last few stores in NYC’s once iconic punk scene, St James Place, some rejoiced for the cleanup (I was not one of them) but what about bigger chains feeling the crushing realty market.

When big chains like H&M, Joe Fresh and Modell feel the constant pressure of increasing rent, it is time to realize there is a problem. The solution, more hotels.

When will the people in Albany realize NYC is not just a tourist attraction, people work and to those who can afford it, live there.

The store closings effect the people who work there not just the neighborhood. Pearl River has been at its location for 10 years at $1 million a month then without warning, the landlord wants $3 million. The fact is NYC is on its way to being a capitalist and fascist playground.

Hey, liberal NYers, we let women go topless but we won’t stand up against the uncontrolled rent hikes. If these rents keep raising, where will we work and apparently more important what reason will tourists have to visit?

They are not all going to go to the Empire State Building and Wall Street.

If you are like me and tired of seeing rows of empty stores where the ones you used to love once exist, comment below. Maybe we could start a petition.

Carmen Marc Valvo showcased both men and women fashions at his fall and winter 2016 collection during NYFW (women). Even though there was some cracks about how men are never asked the question “what are you wearing” during the Oscars, we can still surmise that next season these suits will be hitting the red carpet.

Black is always the main theme for men’s suits but with unique cuts, prints and texture details, Carmen Marc Valvo Men separates itself from what could be a basic look for men suits.


IMG_0750We loved the sophisticated stripes of this suit with the smaller lapels and the v-shape at the waist that gives a slimming effect. We hate that the suits were all paired with black tops and turtle necks because it made it hard to photograph and even harder to tell where the suit begins and ends while limiting the focus on detail.

IMG_0773We loved the leather like details on the lapel and pockets as well as the the v-cut around the neckline. There is also a supple curve at the bottom of the jacket along the waist which adds a cool guy feel.

Carmen Marc Valvo MenThe lapels look decorated with a lace like material but it is really hard to see black on black in a gray background.

I hope this help.


Happy Wednesday!!

Through the sleet and rain, Carmen Marc Valvo still held his late Tuesday show wrapping up fashion week as usual. It was hard to pull in the crowd but fans of the brand poured in as soon as they saw a possibility to attend. As other designers we have seen, men and women designs shared the same runway. A possible nod to gender equality? Probably not but more likely because NYFW men was the prior week and who can really afford  to show twice back to back?

Carmen Marc Valvo’s collection still had moments of luxury details and fabric manipulation we adore from this designer. Soft drapes, textured fabrics and of course sparkle reined supreme. The show was mostly evening wear without looking pageant and there was a distinct nod to 70’s Hollywood.

Red was the accent color in another muted palette of black and gray.  Glitter detailed added the wow factor typical to Carmen Marc Valvo. We notice the bright colors of fall were abandoned once Spring brights came back into fashion (last year leather and black and white ruled Spring fashion while floral prints emerged in fall).

The mood was somber, with a totally charcoal gray stage; an odd color scheme for evening wear which already has a boring sense of sophistication. However, the presentation was not. Here are some highlights we loved:

mermaid dress w/glitter strip center

We loved the subtle glitter accent in this lovely floor length mermaid gown, adding a little glam to an elegant fit.

A gold shimmer dress from Carmen Marc ValvoThis dress seems like the reverse of the former with full on glam and subtle shoulder detail.   I could see this dress on the red carpet which is why Carmen Marc Valvo has such a celebrity following.

Carmen Marc Valvo

Check out our Instagram page for more images of the show and our Facebook page  will have a discussion about what you think about the collection.


Hello my lovely readers! My Blogger partner Yvette has been urging me to do a beauty post for some time now so I decided to write about my go to beauty picks, especially nail polish, that have worked for me time and time again! I hope you will give them a try too!

I came across Black heart nail polishes while shopping in Hot Topic and immediately fell in love with the skull shaped bottles and at $5 I didn’t know if the polishes wold have staying power but thought at that price I would give it a try; and wow was I glad I did! The colors are not only rich and glossy but have a true no chip staying power of about 3-5 days! All you need are two coats and your done! They have so many colors to choose from and right now they are  $4 on sale at hottopic.com

Below are the ones I bought

Blackheart Nail Polish

Our new year’s resolution was to be more daring in fashion and so we have written this blog to help us all out of our safe zone. Yep, no jeans and tees here (even though I pledged to dress less this year..we will see how that goes?).

Today is all about shoes so here we go with some far out trends from Spring 2016.



This color use to mean a lady of nefarious vocation but it is the shoe color of this year if you can handle the showy flair. So keep this look clean, a nice pant, and a fitted shirt. Glams rejoice this shoe is foe you.


Pic from Harper's Bazaar

Artsy Sneakers

Casual girls will love this look but with new styles from cutouts, slingbacks and invisible heels, the sneaker has hit mainstream. Hmmm…I still only owe a pair for the gym (note go to the gym).


Western Revival

I do not know about pointy toed shoes but this is more about the over the top details. The fact that it is gold could also be a flag that metallics had made their way back to shoes. This look can go with a skirt so try it out but keep tops simple. This one is not dress friendly but if you do find a way drop us a pic and you could be featured.

Thanks Harper’s Bazaar for the pics.


The trick to adding this textured holiday fave to your closet is color, style and print. Velvet is no longer for holidays and it’s popping up on all the runways in different colors, styles and details! You will be wearing this dress all Fall and Winter!

So here is an abbreviated list for every style so you won’t have to leave your style comfort zone to incorporate a new trend!

The shape is baby doll and the colors are dark hues. Try to get one with as few embellishments as possible.

Printed velvet in unique patterns are up your alley.

Peplum is a flattering shape that works with multiple body types..look of mbellished details for added lux!


A simple shift shape is can be dressed up or down.
Finally if velvet isn’t your thing in dresses try it in shoes or a chic handbag!


This thanksgiving my sister and I waltzed into our favorite outlet mall at 6pm on Thursday and shopped our favorite stores. There was no battle royal for gifts, no shoving and no FOMO.


What we missed out on and were glad we did.

This event marked the first time we did not partake in Black Friday. We were home in our beds at 12am and slept through it all. The reason, last year we noticed that the later shoppers got better deals but we also got great deals shopping earlier as well. Some stores held secret sales and others began the deals the week before thanksgiving. Macy’s had a number of better sales including 20 dollar purses on Wednesday that retailed fr 119 to 139.99


Bebe outlet stretched thier sale from Wednesday to Friday.

In fact, I went to bebe outlet began Black Friday deals on  Wednesday which they offered 50% off entire store but on Black Friday you added select deals like 99 dollar outerwear (which were 50% on Wednesday, a much deeper discount).


Then, of course, this year you got the deals online. I was able to make purchases from my phone! So who needs the hassel, shop before the BF crowd and get better deals or shop after the BF crowd and get better deals. Fight among them and you just might end up with dust bunnies for chirstmas.

Happy shopping,


Thanks for reading our blog but it can not be just to give women in your life styling tips. So we rounded up so hairstyles from Men Fashion Week in NY and beyond to try out this fall (if you dare).



We will start with the easiest look to pull off, the side part that consists of long lengths on top, shaved down side and a side part. This hairstyle looks great with a 4 o clock shadow or a full beard.


Curly Q

This style is sort of like this first look but the sides have more length, there is no part and of course a mountain of curls. This look is a little hard to pull off with out the use of curling moose but if you are naturally curly, it is time to finally let your hair grow out!!!



Yep. Bangs are finally unisex. To pull off this look, your hair must be mid length on sides and long on top, part at the crown and flatten.


Even though, Jeremy Scott took most of the attention (his show was 30 minutes late and ran into the lineup time for her show) there was a good turnout of the people who count, buyers and lovers of the brand.

As usual, Toray Wang featured tailored pieces with drama added through unique silhouettes, cutouts, embroidery and fabric choices. We loved the streamlined maxi pencil skirts with long side splits, the cutout back sheath dresses and the brown colored embroidery in the back of the white taffetta tanks.

The palette remained neutral with camel, white, gray and black being the main color scheme. This palette makes it easy to add these looks to your wardrobe.

This season there was an addition of menswear elements including camel boyfriend jackets, tan fedoras, and wide leg pants.

Accessories were oversided with wide buckled belts with wide bands on the already wide leg pants. The shine of the belt accented the waist.

Toray Wang also added some more play pieces in oversized sweaters; some with graphic prints on front.  She also added effortless camel skirts and dresses.

This collection proves once again that gimmicks are not needed to sell a fashion line.