After looking at the calendar, we have come to 3 conclusions and want to share our expectations with you. If you are a fellow blogger and have your misgivings let us know and comment below.


We are seeing the shows spread out over many sites and some are hitting Brooklyn. Last year’s Moynihan station hub is not on the list leaving the downtown the sole location. We are also seeing shows at MILK studios.


We are seeing a lot more foreign designers from across the world with designers hailing from Africa and Asia at the top of the list. We are also seeing East Coast designers for the first time in New York which is odd since they are showing fall 2017. Maybe the change towards showing current fashion has convinced them to show in NY.


Because of men fashion week, invitations to shows are sent out a week before most shows so look for invites to be even later with so many TBA locations still on the calendar.

Any bloggers out there with more insight? Comment below. 

We all want the big name show invites but in the past the most interesting shows were always from the first timers on the runway. We saw Taoray Wang’s first runway show in which she gave postcards of all the looks inside a cute pink clutch to all attendees. 

We went offsite and saw the best designers that Australia had to offer and even scored some new perspective on old designs.

This time around we do covet the usual suspect invites (call me Anna Sui) but we would love an invite from these 1st timers:


These designs are all about contrast and even though the creator of this collection isn’t on the radar, we want to see more.


The Liberian designer launched his collection at just 15 years old and there are no pictures of his previous collections so the suspense alone is worth checking it out at Clarkson on Thursday.

This year, most of the designers are new with long back stories that will make you realize how hard it is to be a designer. If you don’t go to the shows at least read the inspiring stories of hard work and tenacity of the new guard of designers.
Happy Monday!

Yvette ?

We love that earrings have become the go to accessory for every outfit from the mundane to red carpet. Now, some unusual silhouettes, concepts and materials have upped the ante on your earring collection. We picked 3 trends you could use in everyday life because earrings attached to a necklace would get you some strange looks at the water cooler.

Single statement 

This trend is so easy to do that you could just take one of those large earrings from your jewelry box, add it to your right ear and go out the door.

As you can see, the style varies across designers but the concept remained the same.


This simply means mixing pairs of earrings that complement each other.  Isabel Marent (left) has a punk theme going with a safety pin and rhinestone pearl combination while Dior (middle) opted for just two different button styles. Mix and match and play with your earring collection to produce a unique combination.

Future…Spring 2017 – large drop earrings

Forget chandeliers because they are totally out and look for hoops and long earring styles at all your favorite retailers.

Happy Wednesday,

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As we have said in our previous post, we are now adding editorials and fashion videos to our site. The site will be changing to accommodate direct submissions but until then you can submit via email using

The theme for January is renewal so let’s see our best editorials and videos.

I am so excited,

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*** UPDATE*** – You can now submit directly (fast right?) from the above menu.

Greenery is the color for 2017; a color be moaned by every newscaster and fashionista alike. Of course, if the general public hates it, fashion will embrace it. Hence, the continued popularity of ox blood which was compared to the nenstral cycle.
So what’s behind this year’s color pick? The environment and of course, global warming which are two concerns that have been raised this past election season.

If you are wondering how to stay true to yourself and still wear this bright green, try these tips:

The color has already appeared on Spring 2017 runways. It is basically a vintage dresser’s dream but other silhouettes like Pucci used can lead it a classic vibe.

If you want a more simple adaptation try a coat over your usually outfit.

Sporty jackets like the one above are great for causal outfits.

Of course, it’s harder for rock fashionistas to add color to thier wardrobes so add simple accessories like socks, jewelry or a handbag before trying to add clothes.

Punks can find t shirts and pants in this color suitable for every day wear. Always pair greenery items with low key or neutral colors (LaCoste paired it with gray while Kors used white). 

For Romance, greenery lace is landing soon but until then try ruffle skirts in the color.

Last Monday of the year, ??


Like me, you probably have not gotten the job on your holiday list yet. Unlike last year, stores are not making a mad dash for late shoppers but instead making us feel a sense of urgency. Yep, I am talking about daily deals. Macy’s still may have the 2 day 1 day sale but if you are looking for electronics, the deals remain on line.

So how do you find these coveted deals online, here are some great tips:

Check daily deal sites


This site shows best deals on computers and updates daily to show the best price that day . 


You probably heard of this site on Good Morning America. It lists deals in various categories and updates daily.

Buy online and pick  up in store

The daily sales online are sometimes not given in store even though the same product is available. Save time and money by buying  online. 

Check sale prices

Recently the city of LA sued several stores including Kohls, Macy’s, Sears and JCPenny’s for creating fake sales; make sure you are saving money by checking prices online. 

Happy Monday and shopping

Yvette ?

If you are the kind of person that just buys gift cards, this blog is for you. If you are looking for a guide full of things to buy, we are doing 6 guides in the next 2 weeks. 

Today, we are going to give you 3 ways to stay on top of this season all year around. Here are some tips on making next chirstmas less stressful before this we give you solutions for this one. ( I know backwards but you may already have something they want lying around):


Okay, you know the basics of what some friends want especially when everything seems a lifestyle these days, so when things go on sale snap it up and throw it into the closet. Shop fitness in May, Tech gifts in February and home goods in March. Also, major holidays are really good. Your stockpile will work for forgotten birthdays too as a bonus.


My bbf is always telling me what she wanted but couldn’t get and keeps a list in our head of things she wanted and could  not get. Pick your friend’s, kids, or hubby’s brain or just make a list of all the things they wanted through the year and pick it up at the store. It’s like building a chirstmas list. You can even do this tip right now last minutes shoppers.


Every magazine comes out with a shopping guide in November specialized by lifestyle. Use it for no brainer gifts for you globtrotting, yoga loving or beauty phile friends. Note that you run the risk of giving something someone else may have already bought.

Happy shopping,

Yvette ?

There is nothing more dreadful then a holiday party because it involves spending time with people after hours you thought you would never see in the dark – coworkers.

And the uncomfortable and ackward moments when you try to make small talk with your boss…okay, I can’t fix these moments but you are planning to attend a office party, here are some tips on how to dress to impress and still look go enough to hit the town afterwards.


Sequin during the day has recently become a fashion staple but it is not something considered corporate friendly. A holiday party is your chance to break out the sequin. However, add sequin bottoms only, no tops and no dresses for a corporate office party. A blazer can add a professional look while a blouse can be fun but sophisticated. 


If it happens to be cold, you may need to wear a sweater. Unless you are the quirky coworker, no ugly sweaters. to dress up a sweater, wear with a long pleated skirt or tulle skirt. A cardigan with holiday sparkle is also acceptable. 


Okay, if something more simple and quick is needed, a dress is the best choice. However, beware of holiday dresses that may seem too revealing. Skip lace motifs, bright patterns and metallic. Black is safe but red can say I am ready for a promotion.

Note if you do wear red, people would expect you to be an active in mingling. If want to appear present but not active wear blue.

Acceptable prints include argyle, houndstooth, stripes, plaids, and pinstripes, which are all notably tonal with only 2 color combinations sometimes in different hues.

So to recap no sequin or bold pattern dresses, no ugly sweaters and no dignity. Yep you are here to get that promotion so shameless comment your boss on his or her outfit.

Happy Monday,

Yvette E..?

orange is the new brown

This season orange makes a splash for  men.


My biggest  fashion faux  pas: probably orange shoes with white pants.

—-Kevin O’Leary

O’Leary was probably just too ahead of his time. Today orange men accessories are all the rage and even in clothes. Orange has been making a splash first in clothes then in accessories  in Women’s fashion for several seasons and now, it has finally trickles  with all the intensity of a typhoon into menswear, erupting into clothing and accessories all at one.

So why orange? The color has always been associated with happiness as Frank Sinatra once said. In fact, orange has been a symbol of vibrant energy and fun for some time. The real question is how to incorporate the color into your wardrobe without looking like another word associated with this color, flamboyant.

The most easiest way is the over t shirt method. The picture above showcases the look. For a bottom, go with light color jeans. Dark denim will pull a lot of attention to the shirt, you want it to blend into your look. This look is grate for the hipster but if you find even an orange over-shirt too much, go with the slip on sneaker in orange.

Any way you slice it, orange is the color of summer and hey, what do you have lose with a sunny addition to your wardrobe. So, O’Leary may have been too ahead of his time but at least he took a risk. So you do find yourself wearing orange, let us know how you did via twitter or Instagram with #orangeuglad and you could be featured on our Instagram or the new street style tab coming soon! So let’s see your orange outfits (extra points for daring) and have fun with it!


Happy Monday!


Yvette ?



I was recently at Century 21 when I came across the most beautiful and colorful clothing I had ever seen. The entire rack was filled with heavily beaded, magical unicorn clothing that took my breath away! Other shoppers smiled as I oohed and aahed and feverishly snapped cellphone pics. I couldn’t contain my excitement as I instantly started Googling Manish Arora.

I was surprised to find out that this Indian designer started designing back in 1996 and is a member of the esteemed and super exclusive French Federation of Pret-a-Porter. He has collaborated with some of the biggest brands such as Barbie, Swarovski, Reebok and Swatch to name a few. He has worked with Alist celebrities such as Katy Perry and  Lady Gaga. I love finding out that designers I thought were Indie are actually quite successful without being household names. Someday I hope to own some of these pieces that were so painstakingly beaded and full of breath-taking  images and prints. 

Spring/Summer 2015

Katy Perry wearing Manish Arora

Spring/Summer 2015