We are know we have been shopping alot during quarantine so we may as well get a jump on Mother’s Day.

By Yvette E

Large Hoops

This silhouette is now trending but can be heavy. Look for a pair that is either thin or hollow for that great statement. Remember sterling silver is making a comeback so opt for Rodium plated styles.

Charm Bracelets

They are back but remember to pick charms that are personal to the wearer instead of a massed produced one. Think about ones that let you add your name and those of your siblings.

The bracelet above can be engraved for an additional $25.

Pearl Earrings

Pearls are back but with less of a debutante vibe. I would look for pearls attached to hoops or chain and ditch the stud variety.

Happy shopping!


The weekend is time to let loose so we compiled a list of applications to do just that.

By Yvette E

Animal crossing is probably getting old by now, you have watched all the shows in your Netflix queue and the new hobby you attempted is now a pile on the floor. Yeah, it’s time to change the routine so we compiled a list of AR fun.

Civilizations AR (Android, iOS: Free)

BBC’s Civilizations AR is a tie-in app to the broadcaster’s Civilizations documentary series. It uses the power of augmented reality to bring to you more than 30 different artifacts from across the many epochs and great civilizations of the world, according to tomsguide.com.

Yes, it is an app but won’t it be cool to explore artifacts in your house?

Google Arts and Culture

According to Fast Company, Google Arts & Culture teamed up with over 2500 museums and galleries around the world to bring anyone and everyone virtual tours and online exhibits of some of the most famous museums around the world and parks as well.

The app is available for andriod and iOS.


Laser tag has been a favorite of kids for decades and one of the best AR fitness apps provides a new way to enjoy it.

Using smartphones and AR tech,

QuasAR it allows for two players to enjoy a one-on-one laser tag battle. It’s not overly complex, but there are shields and projectiles that help make it really fun to play.

Only on IOS for now (11.1 version and up).

Met Opera

The Metropolitan Opera is live streaming its most popular operas.

The “Nightly Met Opera Streams” begin at 7:30 p.m. each night on the Met’s homepage and will remain available for 20 hours.

The performance will also be available on the Met Opera’s On-Demand apps.

Check out your app store and drop me an image of you using these apps @tfgnyc or #outsidein.

So have some fun this weekend while I play with my pets that have been really needy laterly.

Happy Friyay (but isn’t everyday Friday or Saturday now?)💋

Using harsh chemicals have left your nails brittle and short. Here are some tips to get them back!


I usually have pretty long nails at this time but harsh chemicals, constantly wearing gloves and the use of hand Sanitizers have left them short and brittle. Here are some tips to get your nails back on track without your weekly manicure.


If you have to go out you should be wearing gloves but you can also use those gloves indoors to moisturize your hands. Apply lotion before you but on the gloves then rub your hands together. This act will lock in the moisture your nails need to grow.

Make your own cuticle oil

Most people forget that your cuticles is where your nail grows so it is best to treat them with oil. A quick rub with q-tips will do the trick.

A simple cuticle oil will be olive oil anda vitamin E tablet cut and added to the oil. If you don’t have a vitamin E tablet, you can get creative.

Margarine is fortified with Vitamin E as well as corn oil. Simple add a small amount to your olive oil or just switch to corn oil which already has Vitamin E.

For a more elegant formula, heat the corn oil and add a spinach leaf for 5 minutes. Spinch is also high in Vitamin E.

Scrub off the dead skin

It’s very important to remove dead skin if you want your hands looking young. A simple sugar and oil mixture will leave your hands smooth.

Skip applying your own Acrylics

Let your nails breathe while you are at home. Acrylic is already damaging to your nails and this is your change to grow your nails naturally.

File and don’t cut

File chips rather than cut to promote nail growth.

Happy Friyay and stay safe!💋

Now that we are stuck indoors, it’s time to tackle the clutter.

By Yvette E

Free gym classes live streams have made me realize that I don’t have enough space. In the time, we are spending at home, it may be a good idea to work on this issue.

So we compiled some tips that will help you clear the clutter:

Clean that closet

I just went through the one weakness that I always have, too many jackets. I collect them and now have about 40 of them (including cardigans and hoodies).

It may be time to donate unwanted clothes and in many areas, pickup is available. A good rule is if you haven’t worn it in 3+ years then donate, if tags are still on it then sell it and if it’s torn or stained, recycle it. Stores like Zara and H&M do this for free.

Sell those electronics

I still have a zune (valued at $50) as well as a 2012 Samsung tab which goes for even more. If it is broken, recycle it and don’t throw it away.

Some sites to check out to sell those old electronics include Amazon, Declutter and Gazelle.

For higher prices, try selling it on your own on facebook, Letgo or Macari.

Donate old furniture

I still have that old futon in the living room taking up space. Goodwill is still picking up unwanted furniture and some places like freecycle (they have a facebook page for every city) will post good and unwanted furniture for curveside pickup.

Have any other declutter ideas? Post it below or hit us up @tfgnyc.

Happy Humpday..💋

As stores like Barneys and Open Ceremony become brands, where do emerging designers go now?

By Yvette E

They say the internet is the great equalizer, allowing brands to reach thier target markets but if Amazon has to open stores, it’s a strong sign that isn’t the case.

Without high amount of marketing dollars, forget building an organic social media presence and third party selling sites are just too overwhelmed with prospective brands and crafters.

To be fair, pop up markets in the US like American Fields, Unique Markets and Pop up Market are helping brands reach customers through short time store space.

Still, the time is short and you are usually paired with people with similar aesthetic so standing out can be difficult.

So comment below. How, as a emerging designers, do you reach your customers?

Happy Monday!

Compelled to wear hearts? Try these looks instead.

By Yvette E
Valentine’s Day actually started as a religious celebration. The holiday commemorated the line of Christian saints under the name Valentinus. The most significant St. Valentine was beheaded by the Roman emperor Claudius for marrying couples after he banned marriage so his soldiers could focus.

So instead of donning the pink or heart outfit, try themes related to the holiday instead.

  • Wear Florals – The tradition of giving Valentine’s Day flowers dates back to the late 17th century, during the reign of King Charles II of Sweden. During a trip to Persia, King Charles II was exposed to a new art—the language of flowers. Now, florals are in for both sexes, where matching patterns!!
  • Go Neutral – Wear browns to symbolize chocolate. It is still a popular gift in most countries.
  • Wear a print – avoid heart prints but reach for conversation hearts, Victorian inspired prints or chocolates.

So, I am wearing gray today but wearing a tulle skirt with a sweatshirt to invoke a wedding feel. It’s hard being single on V-day but with a little effort to stand out, you won’t be for long.

Happy V-day!

What a crazy year it’s been..

Hello lovely readers!

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your fashion goddesses,

Eva & Yvette

We know it’s warm somewhere but not here. We collected cool coats for the season.

By Yvette E

CALVIN KLEIN (most affordable)

We love a great grey coat especially if you love night life. This coat is also short enough to show off your legs and those great pair of snow boots that you just had to invest (sorel, Frye anyone?)

Plus it’s on sale for $42 at Macy’s online right now down from $120.

FREE PEOPLE (most trady)

The utility trend is in high gear and we love the pockets on this puffer that allows you to skip the purse and at just $168, it’s a great value.

MONCLER (Most Luxe)

For the girl that wants to blow her bonus on one great coat, we found the cheapest Moncler at Saks for just…$1705!!

What girl doesn’t want a Moncler in thier closet?

AKASHA (Best handmade)

We always want to give some notice to handmade designers and we found this coat worth some praise, on etsy it’s just $162.51 and a besteller!!

Clickon the store name to purchase and Happy holidays from TFG!

Happy Monday!💋

Fashion has always been an revolving door but some styles seem to have a longer shelf life.

By Yvette E

It's back from 5 years ago

Fall 2014 Dark Florals

Dark Florals, again? Weren’t they all the rage in 2014? And isn’t Bohemian a way of life now? Wasn’t it a trend just last year leaning more on patchwork then on the tapestry now?

It seems that the fashion industry is running out of ideas and yet wonder why people aren’t buying clothes. I can pull the dark florals I bought back in 2014 out of my closet and Bam, on trend.

But seriously, trends are coming back more quickly and in succession that seems absurd.

70’s fight the 80’s on today’s runway but you better pick the 70’s because it will all the rage in 2022.

So are you still investing or trends? Are you doing gothic romance this season?

Join the convo on our instagram @tfgnyc.

Happy Friyay! 💋

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