On Monday, we covered some shoes we seen on the runway for both men and women which even when I read the post seemed a little confusing. So we asked the question if we had only one pair of shoes we could buy this year, what would it be?

The shoe had to look good with every outfit, not be seasonal  (sorry boots and sandals), be versatile in colors and shapes and finally, be massed marketed enough you could pick it up at a variety of stores. I mean like even Rainbow carrys these shoes. 

Okay, we set the stage and now for the great reveal (drum roll):

The strappy Mary Janes

Gucci strappy Mary Janes

These shoes are on the way to mainstream glory. We love that heel height varys, color choices abound and of course, that these shoes are making thier rounds down hill. You may still have to stock DSW for a pair right now but we predict that aldo, nine west and steve madden will come out with thier own versions.

For Men: the loafer

Tod's 2017

These loveable shoes got a makeover this year with patchwork details, lux fabrics, embroidery and even beading (yes for men). We loved Gucci cigar slipper take on the loafer and Tod’s black and white leather loafer.

So to recap, these shoes can be the only shoes you buy this year and no would care. Let 2017 be the year of the shoe!

Happy Hump Day!

Yvette ?

Happy New Year! We have the best shoes in 2017, that we all want. The last couple of years was ruled by flats and if you are last most women, it was hard to adjust but this year heels are back!!

We are so excited to see not just heels return; they are also in sensible with most heels at a reasonable 3 inches!

Let’s take a quick view of some of the shoes we covet this year:


Fringes shoes 2017

Fringe will be every where this year from booties to heels. The location will vary from back, sides and front. The new class will be in bright and bold colors with embroidery details.


Sculptures heels 2017

The 70’s heel is here to stay and even gets a redo with buckles and slim bows this year. We love the sculpted heels on the Jill Sanders pair.

Bold Prints

Statement Chunky Stilettos

Cool patterns, textures, and prints are the latest in statement heels this year. The heel are 3 inches in the new chunky stiletto heel.  The idea is to invoke a statement rather it is the ultimate zebra print complete with tail at Gucci or the remake of the glass slipper by Dolce & Gabbana; the details are stunning on these statement heels.


We did not leave out the guys!! This year we got 2 trends for you to try as well.

The Strappy Sandal

strappy sandals for men


These are back in mixed colors and styles. The kind of look like the jelly sandals we wore as kids but in cool leather and neutral colors.

Hightop Sneakers

above the ankle sneakers

A remake of the sneaker is always a must with these above ankle looks in patchwork patterns. We still see the common black and white colors but we are also seeing additions of red, navy, army green and yellow.

So check out these cool shoes for 2016.

Happy new Year!!

Yvette ?

I adore all the floral and pastel pieces that come every year with Spring; but it’s nice to see a new trend that you can use all through Summer and Fall! I call it Global Nomad because all of the mixed prints and heavy embroidery remind me of a world travel from some exotic land. This trend looks good on all skin tones and body shapes because you can choose embroidered shift dresses, roomy caftans, breezy oversized maxi dresses or cotton wide leg pants! Make sure to choose patterns in the same color family so you don’t look like your joining some Circus in Morocco. If you don’t like mixing all that embroidery you can go for a white linen wide leg pants with a simple tee and keep the embroidery to your accessories.

I’m excited to try the full on embroidered look like I put together as reference. I am also having my fave Indie Designers (Dirty Celebrity) create for me the perfect handbag to go with all my Global Nomad outfits; I’ll post a pic of the bag when I receive it!


  I am so sick and tired of seeing North Face jackets everywhere I go in New York City!! Men just buy only those boring and unflattering jackets and call it a day because they keep them dry so they don’t have to put any thought into purchasing it. Guys you can look fashionable too!! Update your wellies with rainboots that look like boots and switch to a cooler trench coat or update your rain coat for a modern cut and color. There is no excuse not to look cool and fashionable just because it’s pouring outside.


Men’s Double Breasted Trench Coat w Belt

$69.95 www.amtify.com

Asos Hooded Trench Coat $48


Huk Kryptek All Weather Jacket $224



Dr.Martens Drench I Matt Boots $100


Tretorn New Gunnar Men’s Rainboots $47.99


Ted Baker Ephai Rainboots $195 www.zappos.com

  Spring is finally here and with it comes the eventual flower showers; so what better way to not let all the rain get you down then to do some retail therapy?! It’s time to purchase some chic new rain wear. This week we will be covering rain gear for both women and men. There is nothing like a chic rain coat and comfy wellies to combat the dreariness of dark skies and heavy downpour. We will be starting with women’s rain wear and on Friday we will be focusing on men. We will no longer be blogging on Wednesday.

I know it gets so tiring trying to find chic raincoats with their ugly colors and unflattering silhouettes just make you want to skip going out in the rain all together. Try out trench coats that are water resistant or repellent along with wellies that look more like boots (I love doc martens awesome rain boots that look like their signature combat boots)

Trench Coats
Eddie Bauer Girl On The Go Trench Coat

$104.30 www.eddiebauer.com

Women’s Harbor Trench Coat

$109 www.landsend.com

Ok these aren’t trench coats but they are pack able 

Water proof lightweight jackets! $16.82!!!



Dr.Martens Drench 8 Eye Rain Boots $99 www.amazon.com

Cougar Terri Rain Boots $64.95 www.dsw.com

Women’s Posh wellies Feldspar $89.95 www.nordstrom.com

Last week we talked about being more daring in fashion as one of our many new year’s resolutions (as well as the usual lose weight and wear more makeup). If silver shoes are not your thing, we have compiled a list of dress styles that we dimmed risky for everyday wear. So here is our list (and best fit strategies) for the most daring looks in dresses this year.



This trend has finally resurfaced! Most of us were too young to try this look so I am excited on its return. Here are some cardinal rules to make this trend work!

If you are busty, stay away from pic 1, v neck plus empire waist is a no-no. Instead go for scoop or square neck looks like pic 5 or 3.

If you have a belly or wide hips, pick a flow from the waist look like pic 4.

Length should be coordinated with height i.e. petites should go knee length and not longer. It will make you look shorter.

Finally, pay attention to your personal style. Stay neutral for classic (creams work as well), lace trims for romance, bright colors with corset features for punk or without the color for rockers, and for vintage stick to decoutage details.


Cold shoulder ruffles

This style is also back from the 90’s. We love the tie neck that thins the neck, the ruffles that hid flaws and the cold shoulder that broadens shoulders.

Of course if you are busty, pic 4 works because the ruffles conceals some and the elastic accents your waist.

Pic 5 is great for wide hips and thighs while giving the illusion of a larger bust.

Finally, try the pant suit variety if you have thin extremities like legs or arms.

Pay attention to the ruffles which increase and decrease in size when shopping this look. Accessories to make it your own but avoid necklaces because of the tie around neck feature.


Suede in the summer

This last one is a little out there if you live in a tropical environment. However, you can just pick separates if the dress is not feasible. 

Length again depends on height except taller girls should go shorter and shorter girls should go longer.

For body flaws, try separates if you have wide hips or a belly because suede is so unforgiving. I suggest trying a suede skirt instead. (All pics courtesy of Elle).

As always if you try any of these looks #ddtfgb so we can see all your fab outfits and you could get on our instagram page!


Yvette ?

We started last week we trying new trends from the runway in everyday life with our new shoe trends for 2016 (silver going from hooker chic to runway ready) and now we are looking at the latest trend – volume. Okay this trend has been around for hair stylist for years but do we really want our bodies to look fatter (although we are fine with our heads looking smaller). And how will our curvy sisters handle this new trend.

Here we dive into the latest fashion trend that just may never hit the streets without a little coaching from your favorite fashion blogger (me, I hope ?).


English balloon sleeves

Top, bottom or the entire sleeve, nothing says confident like defined arms (works for guys right?) If you have broad shoulder, stick to the first image and wear those balloon sleeves on the bottom. If you thin lower arms then the middle is your friend. Lastly, if you are plus sized, go for the entire sleeve because tops will compete with our breasts and bottom with your waistline.


*photo courtesy of stylecaster

Volume skirts

I always loved hoop skirts (a throwback from the 50s housewife) and now it is back with even more volume. The length varies from midi to maxi so if you are short, wear the midi length; it will give you height. If you are plus size or tall, the looks above are great.

Extra tips on how to wear….

* Keep it streamline – wear sliming tops with the skirts or pants with the sleeves.

*Never wear them both together – you will look like a clown.

*Color and print is important with these looks – solids are easier to pair together than print.

*Try on multiple styles and see what looks best.

If you dared these voluminous looks, share with us on facebook or instagram and you could be featured. #TFGvolume


The trick to adding this textured holiday fave to your closet is color, style and print. Velvet is no longer for holidays and it’s popping up on all the runways in different colors, styles and details! You will be wearing this dress all Fall and Winter!

So here is an abbreviated list for every style so you won’t have to leave your style comfort zone to incorporate a new trend!

The shape is baby doll and the colors are dark hues. Try to get one with as few embellishments as possible.

Printed velvet in unique patterns are up your alley.

Peplum is a flattering shape that works with multiple body types..look of mbellished details for added lux!


A simple shift shape is can be dressed up or down.
Finally if velvet isn’t your thing in dresses try it in shoes or a chic handbag!

I love this trend! As a romantic style lover, this trend was made for me. Of course, this blog is not about style blogging. We want everyone to get out of their comfort zone and try this new trend so here is how to incorporate this style without changing your own.



We know when people say gothic romance you automatically think lace and ruffles! Oh no! That, however, is what romance has involved to become but this style is early romance. So here we have 3 tier dresses, cup sleeves and nipped in waists, all that can be incorporated into your style without changing it.

Buy – granny boots, long gloves and a crossbody


This picture may be too much for you but we suggest taking one look or the other, either ruffle skirt or ruffle cardigan. Pair it with jeans or a pencil skirt and keep the shirt simple.

Buy: jeans with lace accent (for a friendly nod to the trend), slouch boots and pearl earrings (post)



A short blazer and a ruffle or bow tie shirt have a vampire like appearance. You could add a tulle skirt in midi or maxi lengths for the full look or just get a bow shirt and through a leather jacket over it for a more gentle nod to this trend.

Buy: ruffle or bow shirt, cropped jacket ( in velvet)


Because punk is more about color, we wanted you to pay attention to the color. You notice the hat that Slash wears. It is totally gothic romance. But gothic does not mean just black and white (dark colors were traditional worn only for morning). Lace and sheers in bold colors can also be used. Here the point is about removing symmetry, you want items that look askew.

Buy: colorful sheers/lace motifs


We have not done this look in a while because it seems to beba fading style but if there are any glamazons left; try metallic colored dresses with ruffles.  Also looks with exaggerated sleeves and heavy volume skirts can help you to add this trend to your wardrobe.


I use to love this trend and now it seems back for so many years, we can now call it a style. So here we have plaid blazers and riding boots as the main focus. No ruffles you say, well this is more about the boy then the girls. A vest could also go a long way with this look as well.

Buy: white pants, vests, riding boots


Marc Jacobs entire line this season is inspired by glam goth.

The pretty polished trend was made for romantics, the mod trend was just right for classics, the geek chic made causal sworn but this trend ladies is for the punks and the rockers. Where everyone else is just wearing vampy makeup, you are going for the total look… but what if others want to be adventurous you say? Here is a guide for everyone else to pull off this look.


Sheer and embroidery give romance a glam goth feel.

Shears with embroidery may not seem dark but it is more the ghostly illusion then the out right statement. For a darker look, try sheer shirts with skulls and other goth motifs. For a lighter look, sheer and lace combinations are great.


Classic looks are more refined for glam goth

These looks are more about pairing unexpected colors and elements then what would be tradition glam goth. It is all about combat boots with skirts and leggings with dresses. Add basic rock elements like leather jackets, and vest to your wardrobe for extra appeal. Add sporty motifs like net shirts and sweat pants to give it a unique spin.


Glam rock meets classic style


Play with texture on top while keeping the bottom streamlined, think Mortisha Adams. Long skirts with splits, tailored pants and plaid skirts paired with embellished sheers and cut out tops.  Keep the look segmented with elements either on top or bottom (faux leather pencil skirt).

Finally, we would like to point out that glam goth does not have studs but really is more about unusual fabric cuts and combinations making it easy to adapt to any style.

Show us how you pulled off this look in your style.  Tag your pictures #fgglam if you would like a feature on our instagram page.