Designers throw layer upon layer of ruffles onto the runway for Spring turning models to living dolls but how will the trend translate IRL?

By Yvette E

The first thing about the look is it takes woman back to a place few woman want to go: childhood but if you love romance then this could be your look. Here are tips for every one else:


McQ sweatshirt $210

Too big and you’ll die so go with a t-shirt or sweatshirt with ruffle accents and pair with skinny jeans in a dark hue to make the shirt the star of your outfit.


Forever21 $18

Goths, Punks, Rockers…this trend would be great dipped in Black or plaid. Opt for a layered black skirt that can be paired with a concert tee and some great boots.


Wear that drss but keep the ruffles on the bottom and not near the top for sex appeal.

Happy Yule! 💋🌲

Animal print has rolled back in for both sexes but wearing the trend successfully is contingent on your sex. Here’s how men and women could succeed in the wild world of animal print.

by Yvette E

So there are many problems with wearing animal print without looking whore-ish or a douche bag. Women silhouettes in animal print can be tight and body shaming while clothes for men can be overwhelming in design.

Here are some tricks both sexes can use to make the most out of animal print.


Here are the three rules:

  1. If its tight then throw it back. The point of animal print isn’t sex appeal; its showing that you have a wild side.
  2. Separates that are overdone (guys don’t go for a animal print jacket) will throw off the entire outfit’s proportions.
  3. Length is key. Too short and the outfit looks tacky.


Women have the choice of any animal print (see our guide on animal print in every style) but for men only one print comes in style every season. In 2012, leopard was hot while 2016 saw a patchwork trend, this year men can look forward to snake.

Pants are the go-to clothing for this print but check out shoes, scarves and watch bands in the trend for a more paired down look.


Not every trend is for you, wear what you love and are comfortable wearing. If this trend brings negative feelings, take it back to the store.

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Animal print is resurging again but with more artsy mixes. Here are 3 reasons you should get into the trend and how to incorporate it into your style for seasons to come.

By Yvette E


Animal print seems to jog in and out of fashion’s radar every couple of years and not always with a new twist. So here is the best animal print to add to your wardrobe for every style.

courtesy of Glamour


Abstract zebra print is classic and neutral in brown tones. It doesn’t look too wild and can easy be subtle.


Take a jog with Cheetahs and wear a dense print as a shirt and pair with jeans. If the traditional print seems a little dressy, try the black and white version.


Animal print in colors and pastel hues gives a new meaning to the romance and vintage dressing a seen on this Asos top.


Snake print as been a fixture in the Punk community for several decades no matter it is in style or not. Most likely you already have this print in your closet. This fall ditch the traditional gray hue for a darker version.

Happy Humpday 💋

Trends are crossing over more and more as designers are creating for both sexes and with this season’s multitude of choices, cross trending has become a thing.

by Yvette E

You heard of couple matching, and these trends will get you into shopping each others closets. The trick is in the details.


Grab your sig other’s plaid shirt and rock on. Plaid for guys is still mostly the red and black variety while women have the full spectrum from gingham and beyond. Rock your Boyfriend’s fav plaid shirt with a corset belt and leggings while guys can snag that plaid scarf.

Leather everything

Leatherlike fabrics are having a moment and here guys have the advantage of the leather coat while women are seeing the trend mostly in skirts and pants. Leather hiking boots with rocker accents are also having a moment. Couple outfits are a go!!

Why the west was fun

Western styles are back and for both men and women with both getting their fair share. An entire outfit was showcased on multiple runways but we really love the patchwork on the shirt.

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Sometimes the easiest way to incorporate new trends into your wardrobe is to embrace an of-the-moment accessory. This week we take 5 fall Accessories and tell you how to add them to your wardrobe.

By Yvette E

To incorporate the corset belt into your wardrobe, consider three things:

  1. Your personal style – if you do not feel comfy and cool in anything skip the trend.
  2. Material – These belts come in various shapes and sizes. It is best to consider the material because it will be the most important feature.
  3. Appearance – Of course, too many metal features will appear gothic or rocker but if you want a metal feature without the rock star vibe, try one with buckle accents.


For classic dressers, this single belt buckle feature and unusual shape is a great addition to any wardrobe. The main points here are minimal design features, attention to shapes and material. To glam up the look, go for caramel hues or suede materials while sticking to minimal features.


Softer fabrics will be the best fit for you because it doesn’t look stiff and contrived. There are several fabric choices but since you live in denim, this corset belt is best for you. The takeaway is to choose softer materials with minimal accents when choosing a corset belt.


An obi corset belt is like wearing a bow around your waist! The takeaway is to look for belts with girly accents like ruffle trim, lace or curvy shapes.


Sparkle is a must-have for you so a strappy number in metallic makes the statement look even better. The takeaway is too look for bold colors and spaces between layers so your outfit is still the star of the show.


This trend is for you and anything goes. Try the actual corset look with grommet detail but if you want to go beyond what is expected, try ones with zipper or stud accents as well. The takeaway is the sky’s the limit!

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I know it is summer but also it is time for the end of season sale at most retailers. We like to think this is the best time to update our fall wardrobes. So here are few trends from fall you can get on the sales racks now…


Kmart, the patriot of plaid, is also closing some stores so guys and girls stock up on plaid for 60% off! Check online for stores closing in your area.

If not, check Hot Topic for their sale in store and online.


Flowers have staying power all the way to fall this year so hit up Zara’s end of season sale for the best floral tops in town.


Take a trip to Aldo’s end of season sale where you can find a collection of mules 50% off!!

Check DSW next month for the dot rotation where seasonal shoes go up to 60% off. Do not hesitate to buy the summer boot trend.

Happy shopping ( monday)

Yvette 💋

Hello Readers!

If your like me I really don’t really pay attention to trends; I used to spend hours glancing through glossy magazines trying my best to copy very trend I saw and in the end I was a Faşhion nightmare lol..So as I have grown I now am so comfortable with my style ( Kawaii, Candy coated, pastel, unicorn, horror movie, goth punk doll) I don’t really need trends as much as I used too. I will try something every now and then but my best “trends” have come from ME! I have stumbled across some new styles by just not having anything to wear like with the trend I am about to introduce you too..Wearing mini dresses over maxi dresses!

I couldn’t find any of my beloved leggings one day when the weather went crazy and went from 95 degrees to 57!( this is Nyc people!!) and I wanted to wear this black flows mini dress..I got so frustrated I yanked it off and put on a black flowy maxi dress on and put the mini back on over it..bam! Not only was I super comfy but It looked cool too! This I realized can work with any two dresses as long they are in the same silhouette ( think flowing dresses and body con dresses together) It especially looks good if u pair a sleeveless mini over a long sleeved maxi and just think in Summer with all those annoying strappy maxis you can throw a mini dress over that is sleeveless so you don’t have to worry what bra to wear! Below I have styled some looks for you and let me know what u think!

Hello readers,

I cant believe how fast January is leaving us; right around the corner is the sweetest holiday ever; Valentines Day! If your like me (a big ole sap who wears her heart on her sleeve) then you look forward to this day! Although I love watching my annual romantic movie fest (Original Sin is my all time fave); I  mostly look forward to scouring the web and stores for heart themed clothing and accessories to add to my vast clothing collection Because hearts can be worn everyday! You can choose in your face bold prints or more subtle hearts in a pattern that has a more abstract look; you can mix prints or wear a solid with it.. I have put together some outfit inspiration and in my next post I will cover accessories to go with these looks! Enjoy!

Oh does not own a jean jacket and now the darling of Americana fashion has been launched into other locations. Even men in London fashion week dorned the iconic piece. This year, the most unisex jacket got a make-under with distressed features such as paint splatter, and the usual features you see on the pant variety. FOR GUYS Look for military elements such belts, buckles and buttons as well as lighter colors and even longer lengths. In some cases, the jacket has become a full coat as seen in the above picture from White Mountain. FOR WOMEN Look for exaggerated details like full sleeves, cropped cuts and darker washes this season. We can also see the coat variety for women as well with the only difference being it is not as sport inspired and slightly longer. So another couple outfit from TFG. Yvette Estime

Hello readers,

I have seen so many trends dieing and coming back ( looking at you 90s everything) and that’s cool but what about alternative clothing trends? I have noticed that new Faşhion trends always pop up( mostly starting in Japan) but these trends have staying power ( Lolita and fairy kei are examples). So I was pleasantly surprised when recently Pixie Locks ( Jillian) came up with Partykei; in which she combined glitter, faux fur and party wear and it’s been gaining momentum ( per her facebook group page Party kei that has over 2500 members) so I thought to myself what does everyone already own that I can make a trend out of that would have staying power?.Pajamas or Lounge wear?! So I combined Kei ( system or style in Japanese) with Pajama..Pajama kei

Pajama Kei wardrobe can be cute; think fuzzy onesies, velour sweatshirts and sweatpants. Or sexy; think negligees that aren’t too see through, frilly night gowns, slip dresses and silk or satin pj sets. All accessories for Pajama Kei should include sleep masks worn ascew on the head like a headband, slippers with rubber soles ( so you can wear them outside), fluffy or feathery scrunchies, jewelry & handbags, stuffed animal backpacks and purses held in your arms like your going to sleep. The best part about my trend is there is no set color palette! You don’t have to worry about colors cuz you can find pajamas in any color palette you like; you can stick to pastels, black or go crazy rainbow neon.the sky’s the limit! Let me know if you would try this trend and I have included some outfit examples..