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Winter is finally upon us and all though coats can be bulky and unflattering; I am happy to say that this year the staple every woman needs; the puffer coat/jacket has seen an update! I have noticed slimmer fit, less bulkiness and new finishes and colors. I really love the new metallic finish I saw all over the runways this past February at New York Faşhion Wk. The Winters are brutal in New York and I often find myself traipsing threw blizzards in the name of Faşhion; so it’s nice to have a stylish coat to keep me from turning into a popsicle..I do however have to find this style in a plus size version as I previously wrote about.  I tried to keep my finds under $230 as coats can be expensive and it’s nice to have multiple options as I own several styles for different temps and my Andrew Marc puffer coat is on her last trip before she heads to Poshmark.. (on a side note if you want to see what I wear and get a chance to buy it my Poshmark account is Evadivacutie and if you use my code which is also my user name you can get $5 off your first purchase and right now my closet is 30% off bundles!) ok so below are my fave picks! Enjoy and let us know if you chose any of the coats I picked!


hello readers

Its finally the time of year for that frosty bite to the air! I love this time of year the most and relish the chance to update my coat and jacket choices. I do own a collection of faux fur jackets and coats (10 and counting…don’t judge me!) but I am always looking for warmer and eye catching designs. This year saw faux fur patterns in bolder and much more vibrant colors. I love faux fur for its versatility( you can wear over just about any clothing combo you can think of ; or leave it as your statement piece) and for how easy to care for it is (real fur is a nightmare to keep clean). I have scoured the internet to bring you my fave picks hopefully you find something you love!



We can safely say that florals, sheers and artfully place cutouts have been the basic go-to designs for Spring for so long they are no longer a trend. So what is new? Based on the sign of the times, here are 3 trends we think will crop up at NYFW in the coming 2 weeks!! 

Colored Camouflage 

Everytime war seems on the horizon, camouflage comes back into the limelight. We sense that designers will switch it up by changing the green and brown hue to a kaleidoscope of color combinations and of course, add it to their Spring lineup.


Opulent looks are so Fall but we think lame and other light weight shimmer and shine enducing fabrics will be on display this season. The love of the 70’s, the decade of rebellion as paired with our own return to public protest will be the catalyst for this trend.

Embellished Denim

Okay, it is no secret we Americans love jeans but the rip and torn trend may be replaced with a more opulent preference like sequin, embriodery or patches. We even may see some punk elements like studs and chain motifs. As Millenials get older, they still want to be youthful but want to appear more thoughtful on what they actually wear.

This has been a long week and so far we have 8 shows in the pipeline with 2 weeks left for invites. We are watching our inboxes!

Happy Friyay!!

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Tired of the same boring sunglasses? I am too! Sunglasses will always be a staple no matter what season we are in as sunny days spread across all seasons; but they don’t get as much design attention as do handbags or hats so I was happy to see geometric shaped sunglasses all over the European runways recently and had to put together a collage of my fave shapes I think can work for any face shape and size! Hope you enjoy and take my guide with you on your next shopping excursion..Tell us what you picked!

Sliders once believed to be the “poor girl’s attempt at being chic” is now becoming a staple. As we like to say here at TFGB, 3 years in a row means transcending from trend to must have. There are several sliders out there and now it seems every brand has thier own. Here are 3 reasons to replace your flip flop with sliders:

1. They are more ergonomic.

Sliders have been now made to mold to your feet, giving you more support than flip flops. We recently fell hard for Jeffery Campbell fur sliders that come in pink and black for just 40 dollars! The soles are molded to fit your feet and the height gives extra comfort.

2. Versatility 

From chic fur to the lounging pairs found at Victoria Secret’s Pink or the decked out pearl and fur combination at Forever21, sliders have more personality than the basic flip flop. Where flip flops  (the cheap kind) mostly relay on the color of the sole that no one sees once you put your foot into them; sliders are decorated across the foot. There is also the added bonus of it now being a typical “summer shoe” so they can transcend the season.

3. Longevity 

While, most basic flip flops only last 2 summers, sliders can last for years. Also, the varieties like Pink and Micheal Kors with plastic materials can be taken to the beach.

So ditch your flip flops for sliders, your feet will thank you!!

The slip dress has been in and out of fashion since the forties but I think it’s time to have it stay as a stay staple! Not only is this dress versatile but it can be dressed up or down and flatters evry type of figure out there! You can wear it dressed down and shorter with a tshirt under or over and sandals or sneakers. Dressed up you can throw on a longer version, put on a tiara and a faux fur or real fur jacket for a little bit of Courtney Love and it can go anywhere! New updates see this style made in new fabrics like lace and velvet for 2017. I have been looking for some that fit my curvy size for a while and was so happy to find two styles at Zara on sale! You will see me rocking these during NYFW! So please try them for yourselves!

Dkny, stone fox bride and nasty gal dresses

These days it seems everyone is wearing heels. After years of the industry pushing flats and saying heels are on the way out; this year is the year of the heel.

Don’t get me wrong, I love heels but my ankles do not. I always say my shoes are heaven and my feet are hell especially in heels. Mmmmm, heels and hell are really close in spelling. Any way, here the heels everyone will  (except me) be wearing in 2017. Let the gods have mercy on our ankles.

The platform stiletto

Yep, these shoes are really a statement and even though the platform part is suppose to help balance, we do expect a little tittering. The heel its self is about 5 inches with a 3in platform which is supposed to mimic wearing kitten heels. Again we say suppose to mimic. If I do find an affordable pair of these 2017 heels, I promise to try them on and report back to you. The prints are not different from what we usually see but the shoe is made with side stitching so that adds a side detail we love.


You may notice this is in bold because we want to let you guys know we have not forgotten about you. The fashion industry has been blurring the lines between sexes for sometime from skirts to the bomber jacket that was a shared trend this past fall.

These heels are not high and even though heels were first worn by men, it is strange to see even the slightest heel on men shoes today.

The heeled boot is reminiscent of a 1990 shoe trend for women and we can’t help to think about cross trending. They also look like the Chelsea boot.

The saving grace is that these heels are in really basic colors and some color neutrals (wine,navy blue..) but there are some metallic hues as well.

Happy Friday!!


On Monday, we covered some shoes we seen on the runway for both men and women which even when I read the post seemed a little confusing. So we asked the question if we had only one pair of shoes we could buy this year, what would it be?

The shoe had to look good with every outfit, not be seasonal  (sorry boots and sandals), be versatile in colors and shapes and finally, be massed marketed enough you could pick it up at a variety of stores. I mean like even Rainbow carrys these shoes. 

Okay, we set the stage and now for the great reveal (drum roll):

The strappy Mary Janes

Gucci strappy Mary Janes

These shoes are on the way to mainstream glory. We love that heel height varys, color choices abound and of course, that these shoes are making thier rounds down hill. You may still have to stock DSW for a pair right now but we predict that aldo, nine west and steve madden will come out with thier own versions.

For Men: the loafer

Tod's 2017

These loveable shoes got a makeover this year with patchwork details, lux fabrics, embroidery and even beading (yes for men). We loved Gucci cigar slipper take on the loafer and Tod’s black and white leather loafer.

So to recap, these shoes can be the only shoes you buy this year and no would care. Let 2017 be the year of the shoe!

Happy Hump Day!

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Happy New Year! We have the best shoes in 2017, that we all want. The last couple of years was ruled by flats and if you are last most women, it was hard to adjust but this year heels are back!!

We are so excited to see not just heels return; they are also in sensible with most heels at a reasonable 3 inches!

Let’s take a quick view of some of the shoes we covet this year:


Fringes shoes 2017

Fringe will be every where this year from booties to heels. The location will vary from back, sides and front. The new class will be in bright and bold colors with embroidery details.


Sculptures heels 2017

The 70’s heel is here to stay and even gets a redo with buckles and slim bows this year. We love the sculpted heels on the Jill Sanders pair.

Bold Prints

Statement Chunky Stilettos

Cool patterns, textures, and prints are the latest in statement heels this year. The heel are 3 inches in the new chunky stiletto heel.  The idea is to invoke a statement rather it is the ultimate zebra print complete with tail at Gucci or the remake of the glass slipper by Dolce & Gabbana; the details are stunning on these statement heels.


We did not leave out the guys!! This year we got 2 trends for you to try as well.

The Strappy Sandal

strappy sandals for men


These are back in mixed colors and styles. The kind of look like the jelly sandals we wore as kids but in cool leather and neutral colors.

Hightop Sneakers

above the ankle sneakers

A remake of the sneaker is always a must with these above ankle looks in patchwork patterns. We still see the common black and white colors but we are also seeing additions of red, navy, army green and yellow.

So check out these cool shoes for 2016.

Happy new Year!!

Yvette ?

I adore all the floral and pastel pieces that come every year with Spring; but it’s nice to see a new trend that you can use all through Summer and Fall! I call it Global Nomad because all of the mixed prints and heavy embroidery remind me of a world travel from some exotic land. This trend looks good on all skin tones and body shapes because you can choose embroidered shift dresses, roomy caftans, breezy oversized maxi dresses or cotton wide leg pants! Make sure to choose patterns in the same color family so you don’t look like your joining some Circus in Morocco. If you don’t like mixing all that embroidery you can go for a white linen wide leg pants with a simple tee and keep the embroidery to your accessories.

I’m excited to try the full on embroidered look like I put together as reference. I am also having my fave Indie Designers (Dirty Celebrity) create for me the perfect handbag to go with all my Global Nomad outfits; I’ll post a pic of the bag when I receive it!