How To Wear Layers Fall/Winter 2013
You don’t have to forgo fashion for function with the coming chilly days and even colder months ahead. Instead go through your wardrobe and just start adding layers for warmth and fashion! I have included examples for 1. Classic 2. Romance and 3.Sporty. I didn’t include edgy because we always layer and dress like its winter with our boots and moto jackets ; )
Tribal trend at mercedes Benz

Tribal trend at mercedes Benz

We wanted to showcase some trends at Mercedes Benz fashion week swim in Miami, FL. My sister and follow blogger is wearing the tribal trend and added rocker details like bad bracelet and the statement sunglasses trend offers a punk flair.

It's me - rocking the pleather shots trend

It’s me – rocking the  leather shorts trend

I wanted to showcase by romance style with the super rocker trend of wearing leather-like shorts. I added romance flair with this lace shirt with leather-like shoulder patches from XOXO.


We always like adding new styles for you to try and emulate on our blog. This look is mostly black but Cyberpunk is versatile since you may find stripes (red and black mostly), plaids and neon in the mix. Here are somethings to remember and trying this futuristic style:

  1. Punks usually don’t wear heels but Cyberpunks prefer it.  Grommets, leather like detail, studs and other novelties rule this look.
  2. Don’t be afraid of risky prints since this look actually calls for it.
  3. Remember to add some unfinished detail since punk is all about unfinished looks.
  4. Make something. Most punks redesign their shoes and handbags with safety pins and other objects.
  5. Be confident in what ever you wear. If you feel like you are wearing an outfit then it’s time to change it.
  6. Mainstream it with body-con dress with socks, torn jeans and a structured top, etc…
  7. Finally, have fun!!

With futuristic looks on the runway this fall (spoiler alert), it’s the best time to try this look out.

Style file: Mori Girl

This victorian meets gothic romance (sweet lolita in Japan) style is usually over the top with wearers pairing Victorian floral dresses or skirts with oversized cardigans and shawls. The shirt is either lace or a collared shirt. Here the mori girl goes mainstream with a tulle skirt (for a more Morian style try a floral print skirt) and an oversized cardigan (ditch the shawl since it can make you look old). We switched the lace or collared shirt with an equally acceptable look, a printed tank or t-shirt in a cheeky print.I love the cat with the classes. Since Mori has its root in romance, it’s not surprising that flats are the shoes of choice. Socks are always a must which should vary based on the length of your skirt. if you are not sure then ankle socks.

Style File: Classic Glam

This combination is the best yet since we see that Glam dressing can be paired down but still retain the standout image. What makes this look classic is the pants which are soft but retain the tailored look common to classic dressing. The print on the shirt is glam but this effect can also be achieved with metallic finish, draping embellishments and tailored tops with exaggerated prints.

Style file: Casual Punk

What makes it punk?
The prints in the shirt and the rounded collar are traditional punk staples as well as a nodded towards color as seen in the 2b bebe jeans which are priced at just $20.00!! We added a purchased top here but for more traditional punk, try buying a white t-shirt and embellishing it. Band t-shirts are also acceptable provided you actually listen to the band and you cut the tee to your own liking. The slogan here “we love our own tees and tops” was evented for punks who create unique clothing items.

We also added Iron Fist staples with shoes and handbags found at at 26 and 45 dollars respectively.

What makes it casual?

Tee-shirts and jeans are in every causal girl’s closet as well as flat shoes or sneakers. The t-shirt from is 45 dollars!


Create a punk look that is playful and relaxing!!

Style file: Classic Punk

You may have noticed that classic punk is very different from our last style of punk romance. In this set we removed the traditional punk style of ripped, torn, mismatched and embellished features and pared it down with the classic prospective. In this case, punk is sort of watered down by the classic style.

So what makes it classic?

We removed the casual t-shirt and of course we added tailored pants! Tailored pants is a must in every classic wardrobe. We also added a waistlet which is also a classic staple as well as the cardigan.

So what makes it punk?

Even the shirt is a classic fit, the burned out print and the bow are definitely punk elements. We also kept the tongue in cheek jewelry and the waistlet has punk elements. Punks also like comfortable shoes so we added sneakers in a punk print. The cardigan goes punk with skulls and argyle.


We have a punk look that can be worn to work but ditch the sneakers for oxfords.

Style File: Punk Romance

Sometimes finding your own style can be difficult when you migrate between trends so we are here to help! By combining multiple styles, you can create a new style and so we focus on combing pink and romance. We created this set to showcase how to combine punk and romance. Here is the breakdown:


Tulle skirts are traditional romance but by adding touches of mismatch fabrics and elastic band waist, we add punk elements of comfort and the unfinished look. The elements also work in color. We also added the romance touch of the heart bag and the chain handle makes it punk.


The shirt and shoes are primarily punk with the mismatch characters of the shirt with different sleeves, uneven collar and of course the snitch feature that makes the shirt shorter.  We also took the love of low heeled shoes from both styles and added studs to increase the punk style.


Add kitschy romance staples like hearts and punk accessories like the zombie necklace creating a nice mix of punk of romance. Add flaring bottoms for romance and mismatch tops typical to punk and you have this great combination.

Style file: Glam Rock

We love combining styles so people can see that by combining the seven known styles, you can find your own!! In this set we combined glamor with rocker so you can see how the combination of these styles mesh.


Glamor style is represented by sparkling accents and details. The shirt here has a rhinestone accent which makes it glam but the skull makes it rocker. We also switched out the boots for heels since boots are rocker stable.


The love of black and the stud accents are traditional rocker so we accented the shoes (which have a glam feel) with stud and spike accents.


Think rocker motifs in rhinestone and crystals, ditching boots for heels with stud accents and fitting pants with either rocker or glam details!!