can pastels survive in goth?

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The Urban dictionary defines Pastel Goth as:

Pastel goth, sometimes referred to as soft grunge or nu goth, is a new trend where girls (usually on Tumblr) will dye their hair pastel colours, wear clothes promoting satanic sub culture (666, inverted crosses, etc) they also wear creepers and jc litas.

The latest trend in Goth has Americans pairing pastels with dark hues and menacing sayings and quotes. The idea is pairing pop culture occult like vampires, eyeballs and spikes (not satanic at all urban dictionary) with pastel hair, cute hair accessories and light hues. So can we be cute and terrifying at the same time?

When Kawaii meets Goth, we can’t help to love the look. If you always have been edgy but want to embrace some of the romantic looks on the runway now then this is right up your alley.

Some outfits to try out for pastel punk

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The above are just some looks for pastel punk. The top are usually where the cute parts comes in (think prints like cats) as well as the Kawaii accessories (don’t over it – just add small details). The bottom are patterened leggings, dark pleated skirts and or ruffles. One part of your outfit has to be dark (black or grey or a pattern that includes black). Creepers are a necessary. You may want to color your hair pastel but it is not necessary (wear a wig if you want to see how it looks before committing to a color).

Hair pieces are necessary with a range from creepy to cute (eyeball bows to spiked floral headbands). Try it out and post your successes (or attempts) to our facebook page (Thefashiongoddessblog).

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After the success of our Norm core, we are dedicated this week to highlight several different styles that you may not know about but should. Since my twin is punk at heart, I decided that this week will be devoted to new Punk styles that seem to be coming to light.

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Like the other historically based aesthetic sci-fi movements, dieselpunk strives to alter something fundamental about what we know and understand of history. Whether it’s by advancing technology, infusing the universes with magic and the occult, inventing fantastical weaponry, or bringing 20th-century aesthetics forward into the future, dieselpunk is about amalgamation.


So what is diesel punk? Diesel punk is actually a paired down form of Steampunk so it found it’s roots in cosplay (costume play). Unlike steampunk which gets most of its styles from the 1920 with a futuristic edge; diesel punk is set in the 1940’s but does not add so much futuristic themes. In fact, we are seeing the trend on the runway with an emaphasis on layering, 1940’s love of fur, leather detail and glossy boots.

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Since now happens to be the future of the 1940’s, it works. It is amazing how a costume based style has become so mainstreamed but with movies like “Captain America” and “Superman” (1920’s to 1960 settings); it is no wonder we have the past on our minds. So here are some tips on dressing diesel punk.

For Men:

It is all about neutral basics but unlike Norm core – The pants are suit pants and the coat has to be leather or fur. Scarfs and gloves are a necessary add-on. Shoes should always be boots. Dusters are optional but welcome.

For women:

Patterned pencil skirts with pleated tops or loose blouse. A sculptured blazer, and a circle skirt. A tie is a nice detail. Wear socks with sandals or kitten heels to complete the look.

Experiment to get your best look.


The K-pop movement has been hitting the States with force especially with the SMtown tour of recent years. So, curiosity got us thinking about Korean fashion. The fashion atmosphere is Jeremy Scott meets hip hop and seems so easy to do. Printed tights can be found at H&M and Forever 21 while kitschy t-shirts can be found at JcPenney’s. I have one with owls from Jcpenney’s and a cat dj t-shirt from Forever 21.

If you have any pictures of you rocking Korean fashion, please post it to our facebook page, The fashion goddess blog

Haute Holiday Fashion 2013/2014!!
We are back!!!  We couldn’t leave you hanging when it comes to the last time in 2013 to go all out with fashion! So It’s still not too late to shop for your New Years Eve Outfits or late Holiday parties so here are some haute ideas just for our readers! Curvy included!! All pieces are under $150! Stay tuned for our accessories posts for Haute Holiday!
Style File: Preppy Punk

New fashion styles are hard to find. There are so many trends out there,defining yourself with a unique prospective is getting tough. Who knows, maybe fashion wants you to spend so much time on trends that we all become automatons to fashion. Well, at our blog, we like to showcase unique style combinations and this style file we salute a fashion hybrid style gaining momentum, preppy punk. The most famous celebrity of this pinup meets classic meets punk look is Katy Perry.

Pinup can be seen as the distant cousin to Sweet Lolita but more traditionally, it takes iconic looks from the 1920’s to 1940’s such as the poodle skirt silhouette and the light fabric with little stretch. Classic style comes in with the need for it to showoff the figure without being too tight or short. Then, we add the iconic prints now anonymous with punk: plaid, polka dots, stripes and kitschy pop culture.

This style file just highlights the basic look of the trend but do your homework before making this style your own. It is not for wallflowers and calls for a lot of experimentation.

How To Wear Layers Fall/Winter 2013
You don’t have to forgo fashion for function with the coming chilly days and even colder months ahead. Instead go through your wardrobe and just start adding layers for warmth and fashion! I have included examples for 1. Classic 2. Romance and 3.Sporty. I didn’t include edgy because we always layer and dress like its winter with our boots and moto jackets ; )
Tribal trend at mercedes Benz

Tribal trend at mercedes Benz

We wanted to showcase some trends at Mercedes Benz fashion week swim in Miami, FL. My sister and follow blogger is wearing the tribal trend and added rocker details like bad bracelet and the statement sunglasses trend offers a punk flair.

It's me - rocking the pleather shots trend

It’s me – rocking the  leather shorts trend

I wanted to showcase by romance style with the super rocker trend of wearing leather-like shorts. I added romance flair with this lace shirt with leather-like shoulder patches from XOXO.


We always like adding new styles for you to try and emulate on our blog. This look is mostly black but Cyberpunk is versatile since you may find stripes (red and black mostly), plaids and neon in the mix. Here are somethings to remember and trying this futuristic style:

  1. Punks usually don’t wear heels but Cyberpunks prefer it.  Grommets, leather like detail, studs and other novelties rule this look.
  2. Don’t be afraid of risky prints since this look actually calls for it.
  3. Remember to add some unfinished detail since punk is all about unfinished looks.
  4. Make something. Most punks redesign their shoes and handbags with safety pins and other objects.
  5. Be confident in what ever you wear. If you feel like you are wearing an outfit then it’s time to change it.
  6. Mainstream it with body-con dress with socks, torn jeans and a structured top, etc…
  7. Finally, have fun!!

With futuristic looks on the runway this fall (spoiler alert), it’s the best time to try this look out.